Project Funding Lifecycle

Finding Funding -Your PACS office/administrator can assist you in finding information on external and internal funding sources, as well as provide access to membership database (COS Pivot) for funding opportunities.

Prepare a Proposal -An application or proposal is prepared with assistance from your PACS research administrator which may include a detailed budget, summary, project narrative, etc. and be in accordance with sponsor requirements, forms, documentation, etc. There are various electronic submission systems depending on the sponsor to which the proposal is being sent. The University utilizes an electronic proposal system called COEUS which assists in the development of all research proposals and direct electronic submission to federal agencies using Proposals are created, routed for internal approval and, if applicable, submitted to sponsor electronically.

Manage Award – It is the Principal Investigator’s (Project Director) responsibility to manage and review the sponsored account set up for the project to ensure expenditures are being made in accordance with the approved budget, sponsor policy, University policy, OMB regulations and in a timely manner.

Close-out Award – The Principal Investigator will work with the Award Management office to ensure all funds have been spent properly, all required technical and financial reports have been submitted in order to close the account.