UAlbany Replacing ITSUnix with Modern Services

UAlbany’s Information Technology Services is replacing ITSUnix with personalized environments for individual courses and SFTP gateways. On Friday, December 21, 2018, three SFTP gateways will replace ITSUnix to access storage and webpages. This is the latest evolution of the University’s efforts to provide a secure data environment.

UAlbany has provided ITSUnix for more than two decades. It began as a general-purpose computing environment that provided professors with the ability to create programming courses that were Unix (Solaris) operating system-based, develop personal web pages and departmental web content, and store data. ITS now offers a variety of secure storage and content management systems (CMS) for such data.

Many of today's courses utilize multiple, large datasets and require software development environments. For this reason, ITS is now providing the opportunity for professors to request individualized and secure resources for their classes through the Academic & Research Computing Center (ARCC).

Professors can request these new resources, which could not be supported on ITSUnix. For more information on this service, contact ARCC at [email protected].

ITS has created a webpage detailing the changeover. As always, faculty, staff and students can also contact the ITS Service Desk with questions or for more information.