Susanna Fessler フェスラー・スザンナ

Susanna Fessler フェスラー・スザンナ

Professor of Japanese Studies
Department of East Asian Studies
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Humanities 243

BA, Oberlin College

MA, Yale University

MPhil, Yale University

PhD, Yale University

Susanna Fessler

Office Hours: Mondays 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. and Fridays noon to 1 p.m. or by appointment

Professor Fessler's research currently focuses on Robert H. Pruyn, second American minister to Japan, 1862-1865. She is also interested in the work of Anesaki Masaharu, particularly his experiences abroad.

Courses taught:

EAJ170 Japan: Its Culture and Heritage

EAS190 Confucianism and the Samurai Ethic

EAJ210 Survey of Traditional Japanese Literature

EAJ212 Modern Japanese Literature in Translation

EAJ301 Advanced Japanese I

EAJ302 Advanced Japanese II 

EAJ389 Japanese Travel Literature

EAJ405 Advanced Japanese Language Proficiency

EAJ435 Meiji Literature in Translation

EAJ438 World War II: The Japanese View