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The Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program is excited to offer: Peer Wellness Coaching.  Lets help you smash your goals this semester.  Text printed over a background image featuring a man in the ocean with a paddle or an oar.

What is Peer Wellness Coaching?

Peer wellness coaching is a focused one-to-one conversation aimed at helping students maintain, boost, and enhance their wellbeing. Coaches typically meet with students 1-2 times for up to 45 minutes.


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Coaches Are Trained to Help Fellow Students:

  • Set clear wellness goals
  • Identify reasons for change
  • Provide support
  • Generate specific plans
  • Connect with additional resources on and off campus
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You Can Talk to a Peer Wellness Coach About...

  • Healthy eating
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep
  • Technology use
  • Work/life balance
  • Study habits/procastination
  • Social connections
  • Campus involvement
  • ...and other areas related to your personal wellness
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Is It Free? How Long Do Coaching Meetings Last?

  • Yes, coaching meetings are free to UAlbany students
  • Coaches typically meet with students 1-2 times for up to 45 minutes