Forms and Brochures

All international students who are not U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents are automatically enrolled for mandatory health insurance when they register for one credit hour or more. Students must have health insurance for the entire academic year without gap. Students must keep their health insurance active throughout summer, even if they are not taking courses or leave the U.S. temporarily. Spouses and/or children of enrolled students are also required to carry health insurance within thirty one (31) days after arrival to the U.S. The student must enroll their dependents and pay the insurance company for the cost of the dependents' insurance. The Center for International Education and Global Strategy (CIEGS) has a dedicated Insurance Coordinator to answer questions and assist international students and scholars with their health insurance needs. Please read below for further information and instructions

It is recommended that you do not purchase International Health Insurance before you arrive in Albany, as it may not meet the University's Mandatory Health Insurance requirements. You will be required to enroll in our University's group health insurance if you do not have other health insurance that meets the University's health insurance requirements.

NOTE: F-1 students who are Teaching Assistant (TA), Graduate Assistants (GA), or Research Assistants (RA) may enroll in NYSHIP or POMCO insurance at the beginning of the semester. If you qualify, you must enroll with the Human Resources Benefits department. Once you have used international health insurance, the coverage cannot be waived or cancelled for the entire semester.

You must still pay for Medical Evacuation and Repatriation insurance. This covers sending a very sick or deceased student back to their home country. However you must pay your tuition and other charges including International health insurance before it’s due to avoid late payment fee otherwise you are responsible for any late fees incurred. Once you are enrolled with HR Benefits, we will be notified by HR. The paid insurance fee will be credited back to your account after October 15th for fall and February 15th for spring semester. No waiver application is needed.  If you use the UnitedHealthcare insurance the coverage cannot be terminated.

The health insurance does not cover routine eye or dental care. You can avoid additional, large health expenses here by completing necessary eye or dental care before you travel to the U.S. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you might consider bringing a second pair and a copy of your prescription.

Contact: Veisyantha (Henny) Jong-Futerko, Insurance Coordinator, CIEGS
E-mail: [email protected]