International Studies Minor

Are you curious about how cultures and languages intersect, how societies solve problems, how one nation’s path of development shapes their neighbors’, and how you can make a difference? Then the International Studies Minor might be the right fit for your interests and aspirations. The International Studies Minor requires 18 credits, 9 of which must be upper-level (300-400). You can use up to 12 credits from studying abroad through UAlbany, so why not just “go away”? International Studies is the easiest and most effective way to document your study abroad credits.

Choose from 2 Tracks

  • International Development Studies: Join social and physical scientists, whose research spans the globe, in exploring the causes and consequences of development, underdevelopment and overdevelopment in communities, and in engaging in real-world problem-solving.
  • Cultural and Social Area Studies: Combine 6-12 credits from any UAlbany study abroad program with 6-12 credits completed on the UAlbany campus, to customize your unique blend of interdisciplinary, cross-cultural studies, including foreign language study.

With approval, study abroad, transfer and Advanced Placement (high school) courses, as well as alternative UAlbany courses, can be substituted for pre-approved courses in the 2 tracks.

For more information on options and requirements, please consult the Undergraduate Bulletin.

The advisor is in, so make an appointment today! Contact the International Studies Academic Advisor, Director of Global Academic Programs, Dr. Annette Richie