Global Distinction Alumni

There are as many unique pathways and rewarding journeys as there are Global Distinction graduates! 

Alumni include people who had never left the U.S. before and well-traveled first and second-generation Americans, bilingual and multilingual speakers, U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents. International students are also very welcome and successful within Global Distinction!

There is no GPA requirement to graduate with Global Distinction other than good academic standing. Global Distinction graduates are among the top scholars at UAlbany, including Honors College and EOP alumni, double Majors, early graduates, graduates with honors, Student Association Directors, Spellman Academic Achievement Awardees, Dean's List of Distinguished Students, Great Dane Ambassador, Great Dane, Elevating Student Leaders Program participants, CURCE Conference Presenters, first generation scholars, and even a SUNY Chancellor Awardee!  

Countries (21) of study and/or internship have included Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, Haiti, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Scotland, Spain, and Sweden 

Languages (15), studied to the intermediate level or beyond, have included Arabic, Creole, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Tiwi, and English, of course! 

Majors (15) have included Accounting, Biology, Business Economics, Communication, Digital Forensics, East Asian Studies, Economics, English, Globalization, History, Homeland Security, Japanese Studies, Linguistics, Political Science, and Psychology

Minors (15) have included Africana Studies, Business, Cognitive Science, Communication, Emergency Preparedness - Homeland Security - Cybersecurity, Geography, History, International Studies, Italian Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Leadership, Russian Studies, Spanish, and Sustainability

2018-2022 Graduates (22)

Ashley Barcia Mirabel Lartey
Jillian Bayoneto Ashley Leverich
Katherine Behlok Brittany Leverich
Andrew Bishop Angie Morocho
Mark Curry Nneoma Ogbonna
Courtney Elias Skye Ortiz
Morghan Fisk Jazlin Perez
Eitan Goldmeer Ruthy Pierre
Mitchell Hura Giovanna Raponi
Julie Jasewicz Bianca Stephens
Esther Kim Samantha Vellenga


UAlbany's first Global Distinction graduate, Courtney Elias '18: 

Courtney Elias dressed in a kimono standing in a gardenGlobal Distinction fit perfectly with my post-graduation plans because I was already doing all that was required of the program; it simply gave me a name to what I was doing, I feel like there are a lot of other students like me doing the same things that relate directly to Global Distinction. I’m sure that once these students find out about the program, they would definitely join! The sequence gave me a great way to build connections world-wide and to grow as a person. Global Distinction matters because it’s open to all and it’s a great opportunity to accomplish something amazing. If someone wants to learn a second language, or study/intern abroad, or simply wants to have an advantage in the job market, then they should go for Global Distinction. There’s absolutely nothing to lose. Plus, the program doesn’t require additional class credit, which is always a bonus.

Read more about Courtney's unique Global Distinction journey.

Global citizen Mark Curry '20:

Mark Curry standing with a friend, both wearing winter coats, with snow covered mountains in the background.Before studying abroad, I had never traveled outside of the United States. Studying abroad helped me to find my niche in the world, equipping me to pursue a career on an international scale. My two experiences were incredibly diverse and equally valuable. Chile allowed me to immerse myself into a Spanish speaking environment, which greatly improved my language skills, while also working in childcare, teaching children how to play American football. Studying in Sweden provided me with incredible in-class experience discussing international conflict resolution with students from around the world. I am extremely grateful for these opportunities. I have gained invaluable experience in my academics and progressed professionally.       

First School of Business grad, Jazlin Perez '20:

Jazlin Perez standing facing her left with palms open, with a coastal town and the ocean in the background.Going abroad has changed me, changed the way I see the world, what I believe in, what I know, and what I care about. While in Germany I was able to work on collaborative projects with students from not only Germany but also from Spain, Turkey, Korea, and many other nations. I was also able to fulfill general education requirements and learn German. Staying with a host family helped me to appreciate others' customs, circumstances, and contributions.


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