Global Distinction Transcript Milestone

What is Global Distinction?

  • Optional and open to you as a UAlbany undergraduate student in good academic standing
  • Adds value and purpose to your degree and time at UAlbany and beyond
  • Equips your Major with global career readiness via language training, international immersion, and inter-disciplinary courses
  • Provides the essential knowledge, skills, and perspectives for your success in an ever-changing world
  • Whatever you make of it! The possibilities are endless

Is Global Distinction right for me?

  • We hope so and we will support you! 
  • Check out the brochure

Global Distinction page turner Brochure

  • Everyone is welcome and does Global Distinction their own way! 
    • • In the first 4 years, 22 UAlbany alum completing 15 Majors and proficiency in 12 different languages have graduated with Global Distinction! 
    • • Take inspiration from the journeys of Global Distinction Alumni.
  • The earlier start you make (1st year at UAlbany), the better! 
    • • Benefit from 1-on-1 advising and custom mapping for your study and career plans, throughout your entire degree.
    • • You can begin and complete Global Distinction in as little as 2 years, depending on your interests and degree.
    • • If you are a transfer student, you could still graduate with Global Distinction. What you did at your previous college counts.
  • You may already be ahead! 
    • • Jump-starts include college-level world history and language courses from high school or community college, or growing up speaking another language. 
    • • If you are bilingual or multilingual, perhaps an international or first-generation American student, you will fly through Global Distinction. 
  • Not sure if Global Distinction is right for you or want to do even more? 

How do I achieve Global Distinction?


Explore the Possibilities

  • Review the 3 core requirements (inter-disciplinary coursework, language, and international immersion) on the Milestone Markers Checklist.
  • Meet with Global Distinction Director and Academic Advisor, Dr. Annette Richie, early and often, to chart your unique and rewarding journey!
  • Become a Global Distinction Candidate!

Inter-disciplinary Courses

  • See hundreds of examples of Globally-Oriented Courses that fit into your Major, Minor, Gen Eds, and general elective credits. 
  • Find a sample Progression Plan for your Major(s), or check out various if you are undecided/intended.


  • Enroll in language courses ASAP unless you are bilingual or multilingual. 
  • Find Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 
  • Hebrew within Judaic Studies in the Department of History
  • Find Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, and Korean in East Asian Studies
  • American Sign Language and many other languages will be approved. Choose your own adventure! 
  • Critical Language Scholarships pay you to study abroad in summer, earn credits, and jump ahead in your language proficiency and global career readiness.

International Immersion


  • Inform your main/Major advisor(s) about your plans. Ask which course sequences and semesters must be completed at UAlbany.
  • Likewise, if you benefit from Financial Aid or a scholarship, learn what you need to do to stay on track to receive funding through your graduation.
  • Regularly update your Global Distinction advisor, at least once/semester to track your progress and plan next steps. You are never alone! Get help! 


  • Once officially accepted onto your Global Distinction-eligible study abroad experience, book your flights. Then receive your travel scholarship from The Dolan Family Study Abroad Opportunity Fund!  
  • Graduate with Global Distinction! Be recognized and celebrated at International Celebration and on your official transcript, resume, LinkedIn profile, graduate school and job applications. 
  • Hear from Global Distinction Alumni

Explore. Experience. Excel.