Milestone Markers Student Guide

Global Distinction is a milestone entry to appear on the bottom of University at Albany undergraduate students' transcripts, in recognition of an integrated set of intentional academic experiences, including (A) globally-focused and (B) language coursework, and (C)international immersion,including a study abroad semester and an 8-10 week internship (lab, professional, or service) or research abroad.Students who receive the Global Distinction milestone are distinguished for the global orientation of their academic pursuits, regardless of their Major, Minor, or GPA (if in good academic standing).

Pro-Tips (time-saving options) for progression through the milestone markers are shown below in italics.


A. Globally-Focused Coursework

Complete 3 courses, from the categories below, from along list of options offered at UAlbany, from any college level (100-500) or discipline. These course provide the core knowledge that is essential to understanding the processes, people and problems associated with global diversity and change.

  • Transnational (International Relations, Migration, and Human Rights, 1 course
  • Development (International Development and Economics, 1 course)
  • Culture (Culture-Area Studies and Inter-Cultural Competency, 1 course)
  • Globally-Oriented ‘Capstone’– Only if already required in your Major, complete a 300-400 level seminar, in which a research paper is produced at the end of the semester. Students must meet the existing course objectives and integrate a global lens (as assessed by Dr. Richie, an external reader).

B. Language Courses
Complete 4 courses in a single language, from any language that is currently taught at the University at Albany and from any college level (100-). Students can apply AP language credits and test out of 1 or more semesters of language study, and include language from studying abroad.

  • Language Courses (4 courses)

C. International Immersion
Semester of Study Abroad – Complete 1 semester of full-time study (12-19 credits) on a UAlbany or SUNY study abroad program.You can choose any courses. Try to apply a course to Markers (A) and/or (B). Ideally, study abroad in a country where the language under study (B) is spoken

Summer Internship/Research Abroad – Complete an 8-10 week professional, lab or service internship or supervised research project abroad, ideally at the same university where they chose to study abroad,and in a country where the language chosen for (B)is a primary language. There is no credit minimum/maximum. Students should aim to intern or research in their Major or Minor.


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