Student Accomplishments

Student Spotlight 

Katie Almon

Honors College senior Katie Almon has been selected as a recipient of the 2020-2021 Presidential Award for Undergraduate Research at the University at Albany for her honors thesis project.This important University-wide competitive award is established to recognize undergraduate research and scholarship. Recipients receive a certificate and plaque to commemorate this honor.



Maxim Coulliard holds a weather balloon outside beside two other researchers

Honors College junior Maxim Coulliard has been selected as a recipient of the 2020-2021 Presidential Award for Undergraduate Research at the University at Albany, for his research paper, Vertical Profiles of Ozone Concentrations in the Lower Troposphere Downwind of New York City during LISTOS 2018-2019.




Alexa Rose Passante

Honors College senior Alexa Rose Passante has been selected as the recipient of the 2021 Agnes E. Futterer Scholarship. This $1,250 Alumni Association scholarship recognizes an outstanding student in theatre or theatre-related fields with support for the winner’s pursuit of graduate study in theatre.




Simone Hassan-Bey

Honors College senior Simone Hassan-Bey has won a Critical Language Scholarship to study Korean for summer 2021. She is the first University at Albany student to have received this nationally competitive award since 2016 and the first ever for the Korean language.





Honors College student Michael Allain

Honors College student Michael Allain, a senior Public Administration and Policy major, was a 2019 Truman Finalist. He's a field director for Generation Vote and has worked for several state entities, including the State Senate, Department of Health, Gaming Commission, and the State University of New York. Michael wants to earn a J.D. with a concentration in labor and employment law, so that he can one day work in the antitrust division of a prosecutor’s office. 



Honors College student Jalissa Thomas

Honors College student Jalissa Thomas, a senior Chemistry major, will be attending graduate school at UAlbany following her graduation in Spring 2020. As an undergraduate, she participated in ForensicsBites, Lednev Lab, STEP Program and Club Lacrosse. She also served as the Vice President ('20) and Treasurer ('18-'19) of the Chemistry Club. Jalissa earned several awards, including the Presidential Award for Undergraduate Research, Shelton Bank Award for Excellence in Chemistry and Spellman TOP Achievement Award.


Honors College student Patrick Farley

Honors College student Patrick Farley, a senior in the Financial Analyst Honors Program, has won Donald E. Boyce Business and Financial Market Regulation Scholarship, as well as the Dean C. Backer ’88 Scholarship. Patrick has worked as a sales, trading and investment banking intern for Fearnley Securities, and as an operations specialist intern for Carthage Federal Savings and Loan Association. On campus, he is the treasurer for Students of Albany Against Cancer. Patrick will be working full-time for HSBC as a Global Banking and Markets Analyst after graduation. 


Honors College alumnus Robin Lieb

Honors College alumnus Robin Lieb, who graduated with Business Administration degree in the Financial Analyst Honors Program in 2018, now works at Goldman Sachs. He presented the findings of his honors thesis, “The Impact of Labor Rights on Equity Returns: A Cross-Country Analysis,” at the Dallas Federal Economic Scholars Program. Robin hopes to attend graduate school after getting a few more years of work experience. 



Honors College alumnus Paul Pangburn

Honors College alumnus Paul Pangburn, who graduated with an Economics degree in 2019, is now working toward his Master of Healthcare Administration degree at Cornell University. As an undergraduate, Paul won the Distinguished Scholar-Leader Award and Presidential Award for Undergraduate Research. He placed second in the Undergraduate Paper Conference at the 2018 NYS Economics Association Conference for his research on the effects of the 2014 Medicaid Expansion on health behaviors in low-income adults.


Honors College alumna Caroline Veldhuizen

Honors College alumna Caroline Veldhuizen, who graduated with a Political Science degree in 2019, is now attending law school at Indiana University. Carolina won the President’s Outstanding Senior Award and the Presidential Award for Undergraduate Research for her thesis, "A Child Left Behind: How Harsh Disciplinary Tactics Contribute to the School-to-Prison-Pipeline.” 



Honors College alumna Yadi Chen

Honors College alumna Yadi Chen, who graduated with Psychology and Mathematics degrees in 2017, earned her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University and now works at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Yadi is also the co-founder of the startup Beacon, which matches minority clients with therapists and individualized treatment plans. At UAlbany, Yadi was a student representative on the Honors College Governing Board and earned the Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award and the Best Honors Thesis Award for Psychology.


SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence

2021 Recipient: Chidiogo Igboekwe

2020 Recipients: Max Sevor, Victoria Tiranno, Jeremy Tu

2019 Recipient: Fu Yee Chua 

2018 Recipient: Anna Agnes 

2017 Recipient: Stuti Misra 

Eager and Losee Scholarships

2018-2019 Recipients: Sierra Acri, Terence Allard, Julia Bataille, Nicole Bulanchuk, Valerie Bresier, Indiana Brown, Jessica Charles, Charles Coley, Elise Coombs, Allix Coon, Caitlyn Doherty, Rachel Eager, Niki Garguilo, Mary Grace Hren, Olivia Johansen, Simranpreet Kaur, Madeeha Khan, Stacie Klinowski, Luke Lebel, Molly MacIsaac, Katarina Manzi, Merissa Marthage, Samuel Marthage, Marisa Way, Clara Meyer, Shannon MoQuin, Shanice Morgan, Tocorey Oughterson, Niamh O’Sullivan, Danielle Rambuss, Erin Ray, Destiny Valentine, Jessica Van Saders, Caroline Veldhuizen, Arielle Westcott, Kelly Wingfield, Anna Agnes, Danielle Amoretti, Kathryn Helm, Peter Gajic, Nicholas Prescott, Michelle Kobou Wafo, Baylee West 

2017-2018 Recipients: Julia Bataille, Madeeha Khan, Charles Coley, Shannon Moquin, Elise Coombs, Rachel Eager, Nikki Garguilo, Mary Hren, Destiny Valentine, Shanice Morgan, Tocorey Oughterson, Jessica Charles, Katarina Manzi, Niamh O'Sullivan, Erin Ray, Indiana Brown, Allix Coon, Molly Macisaac, Arielle Westcott, Marisa May 

President’s Awards for Leadership

2021 Recipients:

Academic Leadership Award: Kayla Higgs

Ada Craig Walker Award: Simone Hassan-Bey

Athletes & Recreation Leadership Award: Sheridan Messier

Distinguished Scholar-Leader Award: Chidiogo Igboekwe

Great Dane Ambassador: Julie Jasewicz

Great Dane Award: Jahnavi Bonagiri, Nicole Gaglia, Carolyn Jones, Kavipriya Kovai Palanivel, Jonathan Matza, Margret Rice, Shira Silverstein, Kevin Thomas

International Student Leadership: Benitha Muyizere

Outstanding Senior Award: Katelyn Almon, Julia Lembach, Carly Lindsay, Clint Mohammed, Emmanuella Owusu Ampaw, Kassandra Sturm

Project SHAPE Award: Anna Baumer

Residential Life Outstanding Achievement Award: Clint Mohammed

Returning Woman Award: Danielle Saint Hilaire

Sustainability Leadership Award: Carly Lindsay


2020 Recipients:

Great Dane Award: Nurat Affinnih, Michael Allain, Julie Jasewicz, Jillian Cheng, Sana Effendi, Sabrina Fleming   

Academic Leadership Award: Thomas Banco, Niara Nichols

Distinguished Scholar-Leader Award: Danielle Duguid

Outstanding Senior Award: Valerie, Bresier, Petar Gajic, Mirren Galway, Haley Lynch, Le Gia Cat Pham, Max Sevor, Harshal Shet, Gina Tan, Jeremy Tu, Nicholas DiModica

University Governance Leadership Award: Ankeith Illiparambil

Great Dane Ambassador: Casey Pav   

Middle Earth Award: Kassandra Sturm

Residential Life Outstanding Achievement Award: Charles Coley


2019 Recipients: 

Academic Leadership Award: Elisabeth Dubois 

Athletes and Recreational Leadership Award: Jeremy Tu 

Distinguished Scholar-Leader Award: Jeremy Carter, Dhanisha Nandigama, Paul Pangburn 

Great Dane Award: Nicholas DiModica, Michelle Raissa Kobou Wafo, Niara Nichols, Max Sevor 

Interfaith Center Award: Emma Thrasher 

International Student Leadership Award: Benitha Muyizere 

Outstanding Senior Award: Fu Yee Chua, Elise Coombs, Virginia Cooney, Joseph De Santis, Morgan Eldridge, Amanda Helak, Ilene Rothman, Carolyn Solimine, Destiny Valentine, Caroline Veldhuizen 


2018 Recipients: 

Academic Leadership Award: Jalissa Thomas 

Distinguished Scholar-Leader Award: Allix Coon, Molly MacIsaac 

Great Dane Award: Paulina Hatzipetrakos, Nicholas Gonzalez 

Interfaith Center Award: Aileen Eagleton 

Outstanding Senior Award: Anna Agnes, Madison Corbeil, Elisabeth DuBois, Marina Danielle Infantado, Annie Songeun Lee, Robin Lieb, Lauren Maitner, Michelle Kobou Wafo 

Ada Craig Walker Award: Claire McCulley 

Residential Life Outstanding Achievement Award: Samantha Spoor 

Christine A. Bouchard School Spirit Award: Carolyn Solimine 


2017 Recipients: 

Academic Leadership Award: Gertrude Morgan Dadzie 

Diversity & Inclusion Award: Madeeha Khan 

Great Dane Award: Madison Corbeil, Ashley Cummins, Andrew Cutrone, Sarah Farrell, Harlan Ginsburg, 

Antonio Iacobelli, Morgan Knudtsen, Rachel Levit, Jessica Van Saders 

Outstanding Senior Award: Mathew Boll, Caitlin Briggs, Carlie Eagle, Cassandra Edwards, Michael Lorka, 

Colin Manchester, Jibin Manimala, Naomi McPeters, Stuti Misra, Steven Troy, Natalie Turner 

Residential Life Outstanding Leadership Award: Robin Lieb 

Rod Hard Memorial Award: Elisabeth Dubois 

Presidential Award for Undergraduate Research 

2021 Recipients: Maxim Coulliard, Katie Almon, Danielle Saint Hilaire

2020 Recipients: Alyse McAlpine, Thomas Banco, Jayda Melnitsky, Chloe Ross, Anthony Scalise, Arielle Westcott, Emily O'Halloran

2019 Recipients: Nurat Affinnih, Roxanne Grieggs, Jiwon Kim, Luke LeBe, Julia Melfi, Maksim Papenkov, Jalissa Thomas, Caroline Veldhuizen

2018 Recipients: Lisa Dobrowolsky, Kaylynn Enright, Leah Gloskey, Paul Pangburn 

2017 Recipient: Stuti Misra 

2016 Recipient: Troy Norton 

Dr. Seth Spellman Jr. Achievement Awards

2020 Recipients

Spellman Award for Outstanding Community Service: Sana Effendi

Spellman Award for Distinguished Leadership: Benitha Muyizere

Spellman Top Academic Achievement Award: Nabiha Ahmed, Jonathan Codipilly, Nathaniel Foster, Sarah Giansante, Thu Hoang, Niara Nichols, Sana Patel, Jivan Ramjisingh, Kayleigh Ross, Kevin Thomas, Kiera Whitely


2019 Recipients 

Spellman Award for Outstanding Community Service: Valerie Bresier 

Spellman Top Academic Achievement Award: Caroline Corona, Niara Nichols, Tocorey Oughterson, Jivan Ramjisingh, Kayleigh Ross, Gina Tan, Kiera Whitely


2017 Recipients 

Dr. Seth Spellman NIA Scholar Award: Cassandra Edwards 

Spellman Achievement Award for Academic Excellence: Nurat Affinnih, Stuti Misra 

Spellman Award for Outstanding Community Service: Stuti Misra 


2016 Recipients 

Spellman Achievement Award for Academic Excellence: Oyenike Ilake, Stuti Misra 

Spellman Achievement Award for Distinguished Leadership: Cassandra Edwards 


2015 Recipients 

Dr. Seth Spellman NIA Scholar Award: Stuti Misra 

Spellman Achievement Award for Academic Excellence: Cassandra Edwards, Oyenike Ilake 

Spellman Top Academic Achievement Award: Stuti Misra 


2014 Recipients 

Spellman Achievement Award for Academic Excellence: Cassandra Edwards, Stuti Misra 

Truman Scholarship

2020 Finalist: Caitlyn Zon, Psychology major 

2019 Finalist: Michael Allain, Public Administration and Policy Major 

Critical Language Scholarship

2021 Recipient: Simone Hassan-Bey

Additional Awards

Situation Prize for Research

2020 Recipients: Caleb Levine, Deborah Ariyibi, Jalissa Thomas

2019 Recipients: Jeremy Carter, Michelle Raissa Kobou Wafo, Maksim Papenkov        

2018 Recipients: Valerie Bresier, Robin Lieb, Molly MacIssac, Michelle Kobou Wafo 


Sorrell Chesin Research Award 

2021 Recipient: Danielle Saint Hilaire

2020 Recipients: Caleb Levine, Le Gia Cat Pham

2019 Recipients: Thomas Banco, Jeremy Carter, Morgan Eldridge, Gabrielle Shames 


Dr. Dolores Cimini Service Award

2020 Recipient: Valerie Bresier


The Greenwald Research Fund

2021 Recipient: Danielle Saint Hilaire


The Moyer Research Fund

2021 Recipient: Danielle Saint Hilaire


College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity’s Best Research Project Award

2020 Recipient: Gabi Bartley


Department of Economics Gordon Karp Award 

2017 Recipient: Morgan Knudtsen 


Departmental Philosophy Prize 

2019 Recipients: Mackenzie Darling, Gregory Zaloom 


Celebration of Scholarship 

2018 Nominees: Allix Coon, Elisabeth DuBois, Simi Kaur, Dhanisha Nandigam, Maksim Papenkov, Natalie Turne 


Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award for Computer Science 

2016 Recipient: Stuti Misra


Heritage Circle Society Scholarship Award 

2017 Recipient: Fuyee Chua 


International Atlantic Economic Society's 15th Annual Best Undergraduate Paper Competition Winner 

2019 Recipient: Maksim Papenkov 


James Unger Memorial Award 

Troy Norton 


Julie Forster Student-Athlete Academic Award 

Ashley Cummins, Cassandra Edwards 

Publications and Conferences
"Pets: Aiming at a 'Forever Home'" Honors Seminar

Professor Rich Holt's essay "Forever Home," based on his Fall 2017 Honors seminar course, appeared in Honors in Practice (HIP). HIP is a refereed journal published by the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) on innovative honors practices. Professor Holt wishes to acknowledge the students in his seminar. 

Human Trafficking Honors Seminar

Professor Dennis McCarty’s article discussing his human trafficking honors seminar was published in Homeland Security Today and featured descriptions of the projects his students worked on during the semester.  

One of his students, Mika Ella Rectin-Hernandez, recently made the UAlbany newspaper for her five-minute video describing the pain felt by human trafficking victims. The video — inspired by a poem also written by Mika Ella — was originally produced as a project for a Honors seminar offered by Professor Dennis McCarty. The one-credit course offered students a unique opportunity to develop material they believe would help prevent human trafficking. “I was immediately intrigued by this course,” said Rectin-Hernandez, who immigrated to the United States from the Philippines when she was an infant. “Through hearing stories from Professor McCarty and doing my own research online, I felt a duty to humanize victims of these terrible crimes.” 

For more information on this unique course and the projects by Mika Ella and other students, please read the article, “Honors College Course Empowers Students to Fight Human Trafficking.” 

McCarty, D. (2019, Jan. 7) Perspective: Give students the tools to fight human trafficking. Homeland Security Today. Retrieved from

Students’ Public Health Publications

Six honors students’ pieces were selected to be published in JPHMP Direct, a journal for public health practitioners. The pieces were developed in Professor Erika Martin’s class. 

Brooks, A. (2018, Sept. 7). Increasing the number of advance directives in the United States. JPHMP Direct (the multimedia companion site of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice). Retrieved from

Brooks, A. (2019, Oct. 7). Racing against the clock: Improving speed and effectiveness of emergency medical service response in rural areas. JPHMP Direct (the multimedia companion site of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice). Retrieved from

Galway, M. (2019, Aug. 23). Anti-vaxxers: A threat to our future. JPHMP Direct (the multimedia  companion site of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice). Retrieved from

Melnitsky, J. (2018, Sept. 20). Through Haiti: How a natural disaster disproportionately affects populations with lower socioeconomic status. JPHMD Direct (the multimedia companion website of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice). Retrieved from

Shet, H. (2018, Aug. 22). I-Generation and the use of social media to help dispel misconceptions about vaccines. JPHMP Direct (the multimedia companion site of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice). Retrieved from

St. Hilaire, D. (2019, Aug. 8). Preventing water contamination: Potential solutions in the United States. JPHMD Direct (the multimedia companion site of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice). Retrieved from

Tan, G. (2018, July 24). Preventing intimate partner violence: Integrating routine screening into primary care. JPHMD Direct (the multimedia companion site of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice). Retrieved from

Publications from our Alumni

Berman, J., & Rees, K. (2017). Affecting eternity: Sharing eulogies in the classroom. Radical Pedagogy, 14(1), 42-61. Retrieved from

Brunelle, E., Huynh, C., Alin, E., Eldridge, M., Le, A. M., Halámková, L., & Halámek, J. (2017). Fingerprint analysis: Moving toward multiattribute determination via individual markers. Analytical Chemistry, 90(1), 980-987. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.7b04206 

Chandrasekaran, A. R., Levchenko, O., Patel, D. S., MacIsaac, M., & Halvorsen, K. (2017). Addressable configurations of DNA nanostructures for rewritable memory. Nucleic Acids Research, 45(19), 11459-11465. Retrieved from

Coon, A. M., Beyramysoltan, S., & Musah, R. A. (In press). A chemometric strategy for forensic analysis of condom residues: Identification and marker profiling of condom brands from direct analysis in real time-high resolution mass spectrometric chemical signatures. Talanta. 

Tapawan, G. (2017). Endearment. In Z Publishing House (Ed.), New York’s best emerging poets: An anthology (p. 130). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 

Teevan III, J. R. (2017). A mysterious evening in Vienna. (n.p.): CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 

Teevan III, J. R. (2019). Secret weapon and last hope. Self-published; printed by Kindle Direct Publishing. 

Teevan III, J. R. (2018). The love letter with a bullet hole. (n.p.): J. R. Teevan III. 

Teevan III, J. R. (2018). The traveler’s sketchbook. Self-published; printed by Kindle Direct Publishing. 

Turner, N., Hastings, J. F., & Neighbors, H. W. (2018). Mental health care treatment seeking among African Americans and Caribbean Blacks: What is the role of religiosity/spirituality?. Aging & Mental Health. doi: 10.1080/13607863.2018.1453484 

Conference Presentations

Chang, H. C., & Hanson, A. (2018, November). Transgressing the boundaries of program to college. Panel to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Boston, MA. 

Holt, R., Wright, P., & Yu, B. (2018, November). Forever home: Grounding transgression inexperience. Paper to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Boston, MA. 

Ilake, O. (2018, October). A comparison of health literacy measurement tools for a sample of college students. Paper presented at the 10th Annual Meeting of the Health Literacy Research Conference, Bethesda, MD. 

Papenkov, M. (2018, November). Empirical asset pricing at the sector-level using Fama-French factors Paper to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Boston, MA. 

Strine, S. (2018, November). Effects of stereotype threat on black and white individual’s verbal responses in police encounters. Paper to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Boston, MA.

Undergraduate Research Conference Presenters

2019: Nurat Affinnih, Vincent Alagna, Terence Allard, Thomas Banco, Jeremy Carter, Elise Coombs, Fu Yee Chua, Morgan Eldridge, Kathleen Gibson, Roxanne Grieggs, Ashley Hull, Jiwon Kim, Michelle Raissa Kobou Wafo,Luke Lebel, Carlee Litt, Chris Lownie, Joshua Martin, Julia Melfi, Niara Nichols, Maksim Papenkov, Matthew Pascazi, Andrew Punnoose, Nicholas Sobotka, Carolyn Solimine, Gina Tan, Brenna Thibodeau, Jalissa Thomas, Destiny Valentine, Caroline Veldhuizen, Drew Zaweski 

2018: Eden Alin, Ryan Badalamenti, Valerie Bresier, TJ Brown, Christina Burgos, Fuyee Chua, Allix Coon, Lisa Dobrowosky, Morgan Eldridge, Kaylynn Enright, Samantha Giuliano, Leah Gloskey, Grace Hren, Ashley Hull, Oyenike Ilaka, Danielle Infantado, Olivia Johansen, Simi Kaur, Robin Lieb, Keily Linger, Erin Lynch, Michael Main, Joshua Martin, Paul Pangburn, Maksim Papenkov, Marquette Rocque, Cara Sherman, Samantha Strine, Nina Williams 

SUNY-wide Undergraduate Research Conference Presenters

2019: Joshua Martin, Maksim Papenkov 

2018: Robin Lieb, Maksin Papenkov, Paul Vita, Samantha Giuliano, Ashley Hull, Simi Kaur 

Campus Participation
Leadership and Mentoring

Campus Tour Guides: Julia Batallie, Michelle Delaski, Nicolas DiModica, Nick Gonzalez, Emily Guererri, Alyssa Hathaway, Grace Hren, Anthony Piche, Damian Rodriguez, Kayla Rees, Christina Skrastins 

CURCE Ambassadors: Nurat Affinnih, Thomas Banco, Petar Gajic, Micheele Raissa Kobou Wafo, Niara Nichols, Maksim Papenkov, Matthew Pascazi 

Global Institute for Health and Human Rights Interns: Rachel Dejean, Thomas Banco, Natalie Turner, Joseph Walsh, Rachel Eager, Valerie Bresier, Audrey Caplan, Oyenike Llaka, Michalina Kulesza, Allyson Marshal, Shannon Moquin, Dhanisha Nandigama, Paul Pangburn, Sam Quetchenbach, Lindsey Riback, Peter Gajic 

International Representatives (AIRs): Michelle Delaski, Amanda Helak, Michael Sudden 

Orientation Leaders: Joe De Santis, Michell Rogerson, and Alana Ruth 

Peer Career Advisors: Emily Guererri, Christina Skrastins 

Purple and Gold Ambassador: Emily Guererri 

Undergraduate Research Ambassadors: Michelle Raissa Kobou Wafo, Molly Maclsaac, Maksim Papenkov, and Natasha Permau