Departmental Honors Programs


The Honors College takes a student-centered approach to nurturing aspiring students at every stage of their academic journey, regardless of their major. Departmental honors programs further ensure excellence in each student's chosen field. 

Students must apply to their major’s departmental honors program during their sophomore year and complete all requirements of that program in order to graduate from the Honors College. Program requirements are listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin

Students who have two majors can opt to complete the departmental honors program for one or both of their majors. And the few students whose majors do not have a departmental honors program instead meet with their Dean during their sophomore year to map out which courses within their major they’ll need to take to graduate from the Honors College. 

Honors College students’ theses must also be approved by their research advisor and department head or thesis committee.


Applying to a Departmental Honors Program 

Honors College students are not automatically enrolled in their majors’ departmental honors programs. They must apply and be accepted. 

Each departmental honors program has different requirements and deadlines. Please contact your department for more information.