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The History Department considers both breadth and depth to be key components of advanced study. The Department also takes seriously its commitment to training historians who will be active in public life in a number of capacities. Because of this, the graduate program organizes its offerings along both thematic and geographical lines.

While concentrating on the history of one geographic area, students study intensively in one of a number of major thematic fields (Public Policy history; International, Global and Comparative history; Cultural history; Social and Economic history; Gender history). Within these, current areas of strength include the U.S. and the world in the twentieth century, global religions, imperialism, public history, environmental history, public policy, and business history. We train students who want to study the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Imperial and Soviet Russia, and modern Asia.


History BA | +MS Option | +MA Option |

History BA | +MS Option | +MA Option |

History MA | +JD Option |

History MA | +JD Option |

History / Information Science MA / MS


History PhD

History PhD


  • History
    Students minoring in history must complete a minimum of 18 credits in coursework with an AHIS prefix. Of these 18 credits, 9 or more must be in coursework at or above the 300 level, and no more than 12 credits can be from any one of the three geographic areas of concentration (US, Europe, and World). 

    A student may, on petition to the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the history department, count toward the minor one relevant course of no more than 4 credits taken in a department other than history.
  • Judaic Studies Program


Additional Information

  • Students currently enrolled in the Certificate in Advanced Study in Public History Program, contact the Department of History for details.
  • Find more information about the Combined BA/MA in History.