Dmitry Korobeynikov

Dmitry Korobeynikov

Associate Professor & Interim Director of Religious Studies
Department of History


Social Science 145H

D.Phil., University of Oxford
PhD, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow)

Dimitri Korobeinikov

My subject of studies includes a broad range of interests: Byzantine studies (Latin and Greek sources), Classic Islamic history (Arabic, Persian and Ottoman sources) and Eastern Christian studies (Armenian and Syriac). As a scholar with command of many languages, I am focused on the cultural, confessional and linguistic interactions in Europe and the Middle East until the seventeenth century. My study also includes the history of the Crusades, the Italian colonies and the French and Catalan states in the Eastern Mediterranean as well as the history of the Ottoman Empire. I currently work on the topic of the Byzantine-Turkish relations from the eleventh through the fifteenth century. As such, it involves the interactions between the Muslim and Christian state institutions, the Christian-Muslim polemics, the history of the Christian communities under Muslim rule, the emergence the new Turkic states, especially the Ottomans, on Byzantine soil. My first monograph, Byzantium and the Turks in the Thirteenth Century, based on my D.Phil. dissertation, was submitted to the Oxford University Press.