Carl Bon Tempo

Carl Bon Tempo

Associate Professor
Department of History


Social Science 109B

PhD, University of Virginia

carl bon tempo photo

Professor Bon Tempo is on sabbatical for the 2023-2024 academic year.


Undergraduate Courses:

  • United States History since the Civil War
  • Public Policy in Modern America
  • Public Policy in Modern America-Honors College
  • Who is an American? National Identity in the 20th Century United States
  • The United States at War, 1861-1945
  • Roosevelt to Reagan: U.S. Political History, 1932-1988
  • Contemporary American History
  • America in the 1970s
  • Cold War America
  • Who is an American?

Graduate Courses:

  • Research Seminar in United States and International History
  • Human Rights, the United States, and International History
  • The Cold War at Home and Abroad
  • Public Policy and Politics of the New Deal Era

Current Research Interests:

I am interested in mentoring graduate and undergraduate students who would like to study and research 20th century United States political and public policy history. Additionally, I will supervise projects that explore the links between domestic political history and America’s role in the world. Because of my own research agenda, I am happy to work with students interested in the histories of refugees, immigration, and human rights.

In recent years, I have worked with graduate students studying under Prof. Hamm, Prof. Smith Howard, Prof. Fogarty, Prof. Kizenko, Prof. Gauss, and Prof. White.