Carl Bon Tempo

Carl Bon Tempo

Associate Professor


Social Science 109B

PhD, University of Virginia

carl bon tempo photo

Professor Bon Tempo is on sabbatical for the 2023-2024 academic year.


Undergraduate Courses:

  • United States History since the Civil War
  • Public Policy in Modern America
  • Public Policy in Modern America-Honors College
  • Who is an American? National Identity in the 20th Century United States
  • The United States at War, 1861-1945
  • Roosevelt to Reagan: U.S. Political History, 1932-1988
  • Contemporary American History
  • America in the 1970s
  • Cold War America
  • Who is an American?

Graduate Courses:

  • Research Seminar in United States and International History
  • Human Rights, the United States, and International History
  • The Cold War at Home and Abroad
  • Public Policy and Politics of the New Deal Era

Current Research Interests:

I am interested in mentoring graduate and undergraduate students who would like to study and research 20th century United States political and public policy history. Additionally, I will supervise projects that explore the links between domestic political history and America’s role in the world. Because of my own research agenda, I am happy to work with students interested in the histories of refugees, immigration, and human rights.

In recent years, I have worked with graduate students studying under Prof. Hamm, Prof. Smith Howard, Prof. Fogarty, Prof. Kizenko, Prof. Gauss, and Prof. White.