Graduate Certificate in Women and Public Policy

The role of women in our society is changing rapidly. Major legal breakthroughs in the last two decades have broadened women's economic opportunities. The Certificate Program in Women and Public Policy is a graduate-level program designed to help us understand these social changes. It is both for students who are enrolled in public-policy related graduate programs such as criminal justice, education, political science, public administration, public policy, social work, and sociology, and for members of the community who wish to upgrade their skills.

The goal of the 18-credit program is to increase women's influence in the policy process. The Certificate in Women and Public Policy is a separate program of study. However, it may be taken in conjunction with an existing graduate-level degree program. Interested students are encouraged to integrate their studies with other graduate programs.

Program of Study (18 credits, minimum)

  1. Two core seminars:
    • A Wss 525/E Epl 525/R  Pad 525/R Pos 525Q Feminist Thought and Public Policy;
    • A Wss 565 Feminist Theory;
    • R Pad 675Q Women and Public Policy I, or
    • Ssw 732Q Women and Social Welfare.

  2. One graduate course on public policy issues and their impact on women.

  3. One graduate course on skills effecting the public policy process.

  4. One graduate policy reasoning course.

  5. R Pub 507 Current Research Topics in Public Policy Analysis (1).