Public Administration & Policy Certificate Program in Nonprofit Management and Leadership

This Certificate of Graduate Study requires 5 courses. Three of the 5 courses must be taken in addition to courses counted toward a degree program in which the student is concurrently or previously enrolled. At least 2 courses must be taken in Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy. In addition to the 2 required Rockefeller College classes, students are encouraged to take at least one course in the School of Social Welfare. However, given the multidisciplinary perspectives to which students at Rockefeller College are exposed, it is possible to complete the certificate with all courses taken at Rockefeller College.

Program Requirements (15 credits):

Core Courses -

  1. Choose one of the following (3 credits):
    • Pad 613 Foundations of Not-for-Profit Management
    • Ssw 790 Human Service Organizations in a Changing Environment
  2. Choose one of the following (3 credits):
    • Pad 506 Foundations of Public Management
    • Pad 610 Managing Behavior in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
    • Ssw 791 Managing Systems in Human Service Organizations
    • Ssw 792 Community Building

Elective Courses -
Students must take three electives (9 credits). Electives are organized into areas, but students may choose any three from the following. Other courses may be allowed with permission from advisor. You may not use the same course to meet multiple requirements.

  1. Managing Organizations: 
    • Pad 527 Philanthropy and Civil Society
    • Pad 607 Non-Profit Governance
    • Pad 610 Managing Behavior in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
    • Pad 616 Public Policy, Advocacy and Social Change
  2. Information Management:
    • Pad 550 Strategic Management of Information Technology
    • Pad 570/Int 531 Comparative Digital Government
    • Pad 652 Leading Transformation in the Digital World
  3. Financial Management:
    • Pad 501 Public and Nonprofit Financial Management
    • Pad 512 Non-Profit Fundraising & Development Fundamentals
    • Pad 640 Nonprofit Financial Management
  4. Public Policy:
    • Pad 522 Politics and Policy
    • Pad/Pos/Wss 604 Inequality and Public Policy
  5. General:
    • Pad 626 Evaluation of Public Sector Programs