Political Science Graduate Program Curricula

The Department of Political Science offers graduate programs designed for those interested in undertaking careers in public service, teaching, and research. Those who plan to do graduate work in the department are expected to have adequate undergraduate background in political science and other social sciences, as well as a strong academic record and other evidence of prospective success in advanced study. The curriculum provides a balanced approach to the discipline and the opportunity to pursue specialized areas.

Two degree programs are available to graduate students in political science: the Master of Arts, and the Doctor of Philosophy. The faculty and departmental courses and seminars are organized according to the following fields: American Political Systems, Comparative Political Systems, International Relations, Political Theory, Public Law, and Public Policy and Administration.

Application for Graduate Study in Political Science

The deadlines for admission as a fully matriculated graduate student in political science are November 1, February 1, and April 1. Students applying after the relevant deadlines may only be admitted on a non-degree basis until the next application period. Students seeking financial aid must apply no later than February 1 of the previous academic year.