Information Security Certificate Program

The School of Business Graduate Certificate in Information Security is designed to understand the genesis of vulnerabilities in information systems that stem from software weaknesses that are exploited to perpetrate attacks on computers and networks. Students learn how to analyze weaknesses in systems, how to respond when incidents occur, and how to design systems to prevent them. The core courses are designed to ensure that students have sufficient background in both managing risks and analyzing security incidents. Further specialization can be gained by taking one of the elective courses offered.

Plan of Study (15 credits)

Core Courses (6 credits):

ITM 604       Database Design and Applications (3) OR
CYB 644      Introduction to Information and Cyber Security (3)
CYB 640      Information Security Risk Assessment (3)

Specialization Courses (3-9 credits):

CYB 641       Security Policies (3)
FOR 642       Computer Forensics OR ACC 553 Digital Forensics (3)
FOR 643       Incident Handling (3)
CYB 647       Security Implementation (3)

One of the following Elective Courses (0-6 credits, if necessary):

FOR 610      International Cyber Conflicts (3)
FOR 611      Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Forensics (3)
FOR 613      Multimedia Forensics (3)
CYB 645       Psychology and Information Security (3)
CYB 646       Mathematical Methods for Information Security (3)
ITM 691/CYB 694 Field Study in Information Technology Management (3) OR
      ITM/CYB 695 Independent Study in Informaton Systems or Information Technology (3)
ACC 522     Statistical Methods for Forensic Accounting and Assurance (3)
ACC 581     Internal Controls and Financial Information Systems (3)
ACC 661     Auditing of Advanced Accounting Systems (3)

Please Note: This program is eligible for federal financial aid effective Summer 2020 and forward.