Certificate of Graduate Study in Community College Leadership

The Certificate of Graduate Study in Community College Leadership prepares faculty and staff for leadership roles within the two-year college setting. This 12-credit program is designed to provide students with the knowledge about the administration, leadership, and learning environment in the community college as well as provide them with an introduction to skills necessary to effectively analyze and address education-related problems. The program is intended to prepare globally-aware community college leaders who can identify, analyze, and lead in the rapidly changing world of community colleges. This program also serves as a gateway into the M.S. in Higher Education, M.S. in Educational Policy and Leadership, and Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership.

Program Requirements - 12 credits:

Community College Core - 6 credits:

  • Epl 654 - Community Colleges (3 credits)
  • Epl 757 - Seminar in the Administration of the Community College (3 credits) OR
  • Epl 609 - Leadership for Cradle to Career Education Systems (3 credits)

Leadership Elective - 3 credits:

  • Epl 642 - Seminar in Adult and Continuing Education (3 credits)
  • Epl 651 - Administration of Institutions of Higher Education (3 credits)
  • Epl 659 - Assessment and Accountability in Higher Education (3 credits)
  • Epl 750 - Higher Education Finance (3 credits)

Analytical Elective - 3 credits:

  • Epl 600 - Introduction to Organizational Leadership (3 credits)
  • Epl 601 - Introduction to Social Analysis (3 credits)
  • Epl 614 - Quantitative Methods in Educational Leadership (3 credits)

Please Note: This program is not eligible for federal financial aid.