Atmospheric Science Master of Science Degree Program

Requirements for Admission

In addition to the general University at Albany requirements for admission to graduate study, an applicant's undergraduate preparation should include: (1) three semesters of a college calculus sequence for science/engineering majors, with a course in differential equations; (2) two calculus-based, college physics courses or related physics and math-based engineering or natural sciences courses; (3) at least one college-level chemistry or geochemistry course. A student who is deficient in these subjects will be expected to make up the deficiencies during the first year of graduate study, in consultation with their faculty advisor(s). A lack in one or more of these courses does not automatically disqualify a student from admission. Alternative courses, research, or work experience that demonstrate a strong background in math and physics can provide equivalent preparation. With the increasing demand for data analysis skills in professional positions, incoming students are expected to have basic skills in at least one computer coding language.

Program Requirements - 30 credits

  1. A minimum of 30 credits in graduate courses (500 level or above) is required for the master's degree;
  2. Atmospheric science (18 credits, minimum):
    1. Six credits of atmospheric physics:
      1. Atm 504 Introduction to Atmospheric Physics I (3)
      2. Atm 505 Introduction to Atmospheric Physics II (3)
    2. Six credits of atmospheric dynamics:
      1. Atm 500 Atmospheric Dynamics (3) 
      2. One course chosen from 
        • Atm 511 Synoptic-Dynamic Meteorology (3)
        • Atm 521 Tropical Meteorology (3)
        • Atm 523 Large-scale Dynamics of the Tropics (3)
        • Atm 528 Basic Concepts of Atmospheric Transfer Processes (3)
        • Atm 551 Fundamentals of Earth's Climate (3)
        • Atm 622 General Circulation of the Atmosphere (3)
        • Atm 628 Boundary Layer Meteorology (3)
        • Atm 641Mesoscale Processes (3)
    3. Six credits of Atm 699 Masters Thesis leading to an acceptable master's thesis.
  3. Supporting courses (0-12 credits): Courses in other fields, as advised;
  4. Satisfactory completion of a major field examination in atmospheric science.
  5. Ancillary Duties: In addition to the completion of course requirements, satisfactory performance in some ancillary teaching, research, or practicum duties contributing to academic development is required, whether or not the student receives financial support from this institution. These duties will be assigned with educational objectives in mind.