Nanoscale Science and Engineering Graduate Program Curricula Introduction

CNSE's cross-disciplinary Ph.D. and M.S. curricula integrate the fundamental principles of physics, chemistry, computer science, biology, mathematics, and engineering with the cross cutting fields of nanosciences, nanoengineering, nanobioscience, and nanoeconomics. A comprehensive portfolio of courses provides fundamental knowledge in the design, growth, and properties of nanomaterials (including metals, semiconductors, polymers, and chemical and biological materials). This includes the integration, processing, testing and qualification of these materials in integrated nanocircuitry, micro- and nanosystems and sensors, and integrated optics.

The Nanoscale Science program provides the critical theoretical and experimental skill base and know-how for knowledge creation in the areas of nanoscale materials, structures, and architectures.

The Nanoscale Engineering program provides corresponding skill and expertise in the design, fabrication, and integration of nanoscale devices, structures, and systems for the development and deployment of emerging nanotechnologies.

Both the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Masters of Science (M.S.) curricula place significant emphasis on the science and technological know-how for atomic scale material modeling, characterization, and metrology within each discipline, enabling students to develop the fundamental skills necessary for independent and original research. The curricula are also designed to enable students to acquire specialization in the economics of the nanoelectronics and nanotechnology industries.

The "Nano+MBA" represents two dual-degree interdisciplinary programs, linking the M.S. in Nanoscale Sciences or the M.S. in Nanoscale Engineering with the Masters in Business Administration (MBA). The "Nano+MBA" is a cooperative effort between the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering and the School of Business at the University at Albany. The goal of the programs is to develop industry ready graduates who will be facilitators of change with the ability to integrate science or engineering with business and management.

CNSE offers the following graduate programs leading to Masters of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees:

  • Ph.D. in Nanoscale Sciences
  • M.S. in Nanoscale Sciences
  • Ph.D. in Nanoscale Engineering*
  • M.S. in Nanoscale Engineering*

*The M.S. and Ph.D. in Nanoscale Engineering do not lead to New York State licensure for practicing engineers in civil construction, surveying or the trades.

CNSE offers two dual-degree "Nano+MBA" programs:

  • M.S. in Nanoscale Sciences/Masters of Business Administration
  • M.S. in Nanoscale Engineering/Masters of Business Administration