Languages, Literatures and Cultures Courses

Llc 510 Language Teaching Methodology (3)

This course will familiarize students with various theories of second language acquisition. Current research in the field, and effective methods of applying that knowledge in the classroom in order to arrive at a principled approach to foreign language teaching.

Llc 520 Research Methods (3)

This course teaches students how to find bibliographical, biographical and other information in various sources, manuscript and print, traditional and non-traditional, and offers guidance on how a scholarly apper may be constructed. Topics include: search strategies; printed, CD-ROM and Web-based reference tools; possibilities and limitation of the Web; etc. Combines lectures, discussions and hands-on workshops.

Llc 530 Theory of Translation (3)

General readings in English in the history, theories, and practice of translation, from early to contemporary examples.

Llc 540 Internship in Translation (3)

Employment in and study of theory and practice of professional translation. Practice and study of professional relationships and technology of translation, with a final report on the experience and a paper based on a list of readings selected in consultation with faculty.

Llc 610 Special Topics in Literary Theory (3)

The purpose of this course is to explore approaches, issues and concepts currently being debated int he field of literary theory and criticism, such as structuralism, Marxism, feminism, poststructuralism, deconstruction, post-colonial theory, and to cover in some detail the complexities of these trends. Wherever possible, reading of texts in the original languages will be encouraged. The course may be repeated for credit if the content changes and with permission of instructor.

Llc 620 Special Topics in Comparative Literature (3)

An examination of literary works drawn from different national traditions and/or considered in an interdisciplinary context. Relationships between literature and science, linguistics, the law, philosophy, the social sciences or the arts may be explored. Organizing principles may vary according to genre, theme, period or critical approach. Course may be repeated for credit with instructor's permission when content changes.

Llc 630 Special Topics in Cultural Studies (3)

This course introduces students to contemporary trends in Cultural Studies. Emphasis will be placed on the ongoing process of cultural and national redefinition. Cultural productions will be studied mainly as social texts dealing with relevant issues such as immigration, tourism, new demographics or postnational commodities. Students will be able to write their papers in their target language. Course may be repeated for credit when content changes. Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor

Llc 640 Special Topics in Film & Media Studies (3)

An examination of film and media texts drawn from different national traditions and/or considered in an interdisciplinary context. Exphasis will be placed on European cinematic traditions, theories of film, and the emergence of new media, in their historical, sociological and artistic contexts.

Llc 660 Special Topics in Language, Teaching and Techology (3)

This course is intended to prepare classroom foreign and second language teachers to provide pedagogically sound and technologically enhanced instruction and assessment for their students in the 8-16 realm.

Llc 680 (Lin 680) Topics in Linguistics (3-4)

Topics in linguistics with a special focus on Romance and Slavic languages. Taught in English.

Llc 697 Independent Study (1-4)

Independent study of projects not covered in the regular graduate coursework. The course would allow students in any of the LLC graduate programs the opportunity to explore a topic more broadly, crossing linguistic boundaries with a more comparative approach.