Linguistics Courses

Lin 501 Applied Linguistics for Language Teachers (4)

Implications of linguistics for second language teaching, including the teaching of English as a second language; techniques of contrastive analysis; error analysis; performance analysis; discourse analysis.

Lin 505 Introduction to Comparative Romance Linguistics (4)

An introduction to the comparative historical study of the Romance languages especially French, Spanish, and Italian. Prerequisites: Competence in one Romance language; an elementary knowledge of Latin is recommended; permission of instructor.

Lin 520 Linguistics and the Description of Language (3-4)

The fundamental assumptions and concerns of linguistics; development of the basic skills of linguistic analysis; problems in the description of a variety of languages. Not open to students with credit for Lin 220.

Lin 521 (Ant 521) Introduction to Syntactic Theory (3)

An introduction to syntactic analysis, focusing on generative approaches. Prerequisite: Lin 220, Ant 220 or permission of instructor.

Lin 522 (Ant 522) Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology (3)

Introduction to articulatory phonetics and phonological analysis of a variety of languages within a generative framework. Prerequisite: Lin 220/520 or Ant 220 or permission of instructor.

Lin 523 (Ant 523) Linguistic Structures (3)

Investigation of the structure of a selected language, language family, or language area; may be repeated for credit with change of topic. Prerequisite: Lin 321/521or Lin 322/522 or consent of instructor. Students who have received credit for AANT/ALIN 423Y cannot receive credit for this course.

Lin 524 (Ant 524) Language and Culture (3-4)

This course focuses on the major concepts in linguistic anthropology, which is a subfield of linguistics that examines the relationships between linguistic and cultural structures and practices. Topics include discussion of how language influences cultural concepts and the way humans think about the world, and how our cultural concepts are reflected in the way a given speech community uses language. Students who have received credit for Ant/Lin 424 cannot receive credit for this course. Only one version of Ant/Lin 524 may be taken for credit. Prerequisites: Ant 506 or Lin 520 or Ant/Lin 220.

Lin 525 (Ant 525) Comparative and Historical Linguistics (3)

Language development and change. Language classification, linguistic reconstruction. Prerequisite: Lin 220/520, Lin 322/Ant 322, Ant 220 or consent of instructor. Students who receive credit for AANT/ALIN 425 cannot receive credit for this course.

Lin 526 (Ant 526, Rdg 526) Language Acquisition, B-2 (3-4)

Examines theoretical and empirical aspects of first language acquisition and its development in speech and writing, including phonology, syntax, vocabulary, and pragmatics. It views acquisition across languages and (sub)cultures from linguistic, psychological, and social perspectives.

Lin 529 (Ant 529) Field Methods in Anthropological Linguistics (3-4)

Introduction to the techniques of collecting and analyzing primary linguistic data from native speakers, taught through intensive examination of a selected language; may be repeated for credit with change in language. Prerequisite: Lin 321/521 or Lin 322/522 or consent of instructor. Students who have received credit for ALIN429 cannot receive credit for this course.

Lin 536 (E Tap 536) Second Language Learning (3-4)

Theories of language acquisition, psycholinguistics and sociolinguistic aspects of second language learning. Effects of age, motivation, learning styles, and personality on language learning processes. Acquisition of reading and writing skills. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

Lin 541 (Ant 541) Advanced Syntax (3-4)

Studies in generative syntax and discussion of recent developments in syntactic theory. Prerequisite: Ant 321 or Ant 521. Students who have received credit for AANT/ALIN 421 cannot receive credit for this course.

Lin 542 (Ant 542) Advanced Phonology (3-4)

Studies in generative phonology, including the basic assumptions of generative theory, comparison with other approaches to phonology, and discussion of recent theoretical trends in phonology. Students will be expected to complete a research project. Prerequisite: Lin 322 or Lin 522. Students who receive credit for AANT/ALIN 422 cannot receive credit for this course.

Lin 550 Dialectology (4)

Study of stylistic, regional, and social variation in language usage, including the linguistic results of migration patterns, geography, and social factors, such as socioeconomic class, sex, age, and ethnicity; research techniques and problems in variation in English and other languages; the relevance of dialectology to linguistic theory, historical linguistics, and language education. Prerequisite(s): Lin 520 or permission of instructor.

Lin 552 (Tap 550) Approaches to English Grammar (4)

Traditional and modern methods of syntactic analysis developed and compared. Philosophical, linguistic, and practical problems associated with linguistic description. Texts will normally include a high school grammar and a current (e.g., transformational) treatment of English syntax.

Lin 599 Seminar on Topics in Linguistics (3-4)

Seminar on selected topics in linguistic theory and methodology, chosen on the basis of current interest. A research paper for presentation in oral and written form is required. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Students who have received credit for ALIN499 cannot receive credit for this course.

Lin 636 Computational Linguistics (3)

Construction of programs that use human language. Topics include morphology, syntax, parsing, semantic representation, resolution of ambiguity, generation and discourse. Prerequisite: Csi 535 or consent of instructor.

Lin 680 (Llc 680) Topics in Linguistics (3-4)

Topics in linguistics with a special focus on Romance and Slavic languages. Taught in English.

Lin 697 Independent Study and Research (1-6)

Independent reading and research on selected topics in linguistics, under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.