Social Welfare Joint M.S.W. (MACRO Concentration) and JD Program - Albany Law School

The joint Master's in Social Work and Juris Doctor program (MSW/JD) combines a law degree with the MSW with a concentration in Clinical or MACRO. Students are able to earn both degrees in, at most, four years of full-time study, rather than the usual five. Recipients of the joint J.D./MSW degrees hold professional credentials for a broad range of careers in government, consulting, teaching, research, and law. Course work, a minimum of 125 credits (51 MSW credits and 74 JD credits), includes core and specialized courses in both schools and field placements in social work settings. The JD program requirements during the first and fourth years of study are completed at Albany Law School. The second and third years combine courses from Albany Law School and the School of Social Welfare. The coursework leading towards this joint degree must begin at Albany Law School.

Each school's application procedures and admissions criteria are independent. Albany Law and the School of Social Welfare require that each student submit a complete application package and an application fee. Albany Law requires LSAT scores in addition to application material. Each university has an independent review process for the applications using their own criteria. Applicants are offered admission to each school independently. Admission into one program does not guarantee admission into the other program.

Sample Program

Year 1 - 0 credits SSW, 31 credits at Albany Law School

Full-time at Albany Law School - 31 credits


  • Legal Methods(1);
  • Contracts (3);
  • Property (3);
  • Intro to Lawyering (2);
  • Intro to Civil Procedure(3);
  • Torts (4);


  • Contracts (3);
  • Property II (3);
  • Criminal Law (3);
  • Intro to Lawyering (2);
  • Constitutional Law (4);

Year 2 - 31 credits SSW, 3 credits at Albany Law School

Full-time at School of Social Welfare


  • Ssw 600 Social Welfare Policy Practice (3);
  • Ssw 610 Human Behavior and Social Environment I (3);
  • Ssw 620 Micro Practice in Social Work I (3);
  • Ssw 630 Macro Practice in Social Work I (3);
  • Ssw 650 Field Instruction I (3);


  • Ssw 611 Human Behavior and Social Environment II (3);
  • Ssw 621 Micro Practice in Soc Work II (3);
  • Ssw 631 Macro Practice in Soc Work II (3);
  • Ssw 651 Field Instruction II (4);
  • Ssw 660 Introductory Research Methodology (3);

Spring or Summer at Albany Law School (Legal Profession/Professional Responsibility) (3)

Year 3 - 20 credits SSW, 11 credits at Albany Law School


  • Ssw 665 Research Methods in Social Work Management (3);
  • Ssw 790 Human Service Organizations in a Changing Environment (3);
  • Ssw 792 Community Building (3);
  • Ssw 7XX Advanced MACRO Course (3)
  • Ssw 752 Field Instruction III (4)


  • Ssw 753 Field Instruction IV (4);
  • Albany Law School - Electives (11) one course from Finance Options;

Year 4 - 29 credits at Albany Law School

  • Albany Law School - Electives (29);.

Please note: This program requires an internship, field experience, study abroad component, or clinical experience requirement. Students who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that their prior criminal history may impede their ability to complete the requirements of certain academic programs and/or to meet licensure requirements for certain professions. If you have concerns about this matter please contact the Dean’s Office of your intended academic program.

This program is approved for licensure or certification in New York State and the institution has not made a determination regarding the educational requirements for any other state.