Business Law Courses

Law 500 Law and the Corporation (1)

The corporation as a form of business organization and its responsibilities are examined through extensive use of the law library. Required module in the two-year MS in accounting program; elective module in the MBA program.

Law 510 Law and Business (3)

The legal relationship of business involving contracts, agency, commercial paper, and government and business. Significant legal cases will be discussed and utilized. (Law 500 and 510 are not open to students with 6 hours of business law.)

Law 521 Law of Property (3)

The law of real and personal property, including mortgages and conveyances, landlord and tenant relationships. Research project required. Prerequisite: Students taking this course should have prior knowledge of business law. Students who have received credit for BLAW421 cannot receive credit for this course. 

Law 522 Trust and Estate Law (3)

Presentation of material concerning living and testamentary trusts; analysis of the requirements of a will, including its preparation, execution, and probate; administration of estates of individuals dying with and without wills. Project on estate planning required. Not open to students who have completed Law 422. Students who have received credit for BLAW422 cannot receive credit for this course. 

Law 680 Topics in Business Law (3)

This course will be devoted to selected topics of current relevance in business law; Cannot be repeated for credit.