Business Courses

Bus 590 Business Sustainability in Global Perspectives (2)

This course is an intensive cornerstone integrative experience for the first year of the full-time MBA program. Students will work on a client-based project that requires them to integrate the full-time MBA curriculum, conduct research and analysis on real client problems, and apply business concepts they have learned in their first year courses. In this class, we bring together students, academics, scientists, and industry experts to accomplish one large task: Helping real organizations develop and implement sustainable strategies and practices. This course includes guest speakers, simulations, and field trips that prepare student teams to make recommendations in several oral presentations and written documents. 

Bus 697 Multi-Cultural Work Environments (1)

This is an independent study course that is open to students whose internships will be in a country other than that of their citizenship or prior work experience. The goal of the course is to promote an understanding of the cultural assumptions we bring to the work environment and the effects of cultural differences on organizational interactions and productivity. Students may register for the course after obtaining an internship offer and completing the paperwork for the course.  International students will obtain and process work authorization forms with the International Students Office.

Bus 698 Research Project in Business (3)

Supervised research on a topic involving accounting, finance, marketing, management, operations management, and/or information technology management. Required of all part-time MBA program students. Prerequisite: Completion of at least 30 graduate credits.