Dustin in Ireland

Dustin is outdoors in Ireland. He stands against a green field and a blue sky. Mountains are in the background.

Dustin Moore, an MPH candidate, worked as a research intern at Salaso Health Solutions in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland.

Salaso, a tech start-up that develops technology to aid physical therapists and other health care providers with musculoskeletal injuries, relied on Moore to develop an evaluative framework for a software solution that could help individuals with musculoskeletal injuries find the best form of treatment. He also worked with clients in the field and conducted market research, which included a trip to the renowned Enterprise Ireland Market Research Centre.

“At start-ups, most projects are all-hands-on-deck, and the team here [at Salaso] has been incredibly dedicated and supportive in creating a great work environment where everyone works as a team to provide the best service possible,” Moore said. “Being able to bring my expertise in program evaluation and knowledge of the laws and regulations in the US has helped me develop as a professional,” he continued.