The Center for Global Health was established at the University at Albany School of Public Health in September 2008 by Dean Philip Nasca under the direction of Professor Carol Whittaker. The purpose of the Center for Global Health is to serve as a focal point for international education, research collaborations, and programs. 


Our Mission

The Center for Global Health works with partners across the university, in the local community and around the world to create opportunities for faculty and students to engage in academic programs, innovative research, capacity building, and experiential learning. We prepare current and future leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to address critical global health challenges.


Our Vision

Creating a healthier world for all through effective public health practice, a world in which health is acknowledged as a human right, disparities are eliminated, and social justice prevails.


Our People

Our Center is led by a small team of committed public health professionals with decades of experience working internationally in public health and who are passionate about helping students of all ages open doors into the growing field of global health.


Our Partnerships

The Center for Global Health creates opportunities for students and faculty members to undertake exchanges and collaborative research with our growing list of partner institutions. We now have partnerships and collaborations with universities and health institutes in over twenty countries.

Our School is able to leverage its unique partnership with the New York State Department of Health, and the broad range of state-of-the-art technical capabilities it brings together, to launch innovative collaborative research, teaching exchanges, and capacity building programs both at home and with partner institutions around the world.


A group of students stand outside a large beige building with intricate windows and an iron fence.