Professorships and Faculty Endowments

Your support makes it possible for UAlbany faculty to bring their unique perspective and collaborative spirit to the classroom, laboratories and the campus community - bolstering the university’s reputation and attracting the very best students to campus.

Why endow a professorship at UAlbany?

The endowment of professorships, chairs, deans and related positions provide a means by which the University at Albany can retain and recruit, on a competitive basis, outstanding leaders, teachers, scholars, researchers, and creative and performing artists. Endowments are perpetual and provide donors the opportunity to support multiple generations of faculty and students, which make a lasting impact at UAlbany. 

The following policies are applicable to such endowments.

Selection Criteria

Unless specified in the MOU, endowed positions will be administered through the Office of the Provost or designee.  The Provost, in consultation with the Vice President for Advancement and the appropriate leadership, grants endowed chairs and professorships to those already on the faculty or during recruitment for new faculty as part of their offer. Appointment guidelines are provided by the Provost’s office. Appointments may be limited to a specific time range (i.e., 3-5 years.)

Use of the Endowment Income

Income made available to holders of endowed positions shall be used to support their teaching and research activities, in accordance with University at Albany and University at Albany Foundation policies; and according to a budget recommended annually by the position holder and approved by the appropriate Chair/Dean/or by the Provost, as part of any annual assessment and/or in the normal budgetary process.

Named Endowed Dean

Deans are the visionary leaders responsible for maintaining and enhancing the quality of the colleges or divisions they oversee. No two have the same responsibilities due to varying needs of faculty and students. An endowed deanship provides discretionary funding for a dean to realize his or her vision and address emerging college priorities.

Minimum Gift for Named Endowed Dean: $2 million

Endowed Chair (not a department chair)

Carrying great prestige within the academy, an endowed chair appointment represents an honor the University can confer on prominent and exceptional faculty members. A named endowed chair represents reward, recognition, opportunity and incentive. By providing specially dedicated resources for innovative research and teaching opportunities, these celebrated positions enable accomplished faculty members to excel in their scholarly activities.  An endowed chair provides discretionary funding to help professors realize their vision while addressing academic priorities. Full professors would be most likely candidates.

Minimum Gift for Distinguished Chair: $1 million

Named Endowed Professorship

Typically used to support accomplished senior scholars, professorships are used both to recognize current faculty members who have established national reputations in their disciplines and to attract distinguished scholars to the faculty. Full professors would be most likely candidates.  

Minimum Gift for Named Endowed Professorship: $750,000

Named Endowed Excelsior Professorship

Named Excelsior Professorships allow the University to recruit faculty from around the world who show great promise and to encourage them to expand their careers at Albany. This permits the University to continue building a thriving intellectual community by helping attract and retain promising scholars early in their careers. Assistant or Associate professors would be most likely candidates. 

Minimum Gift for Named Endowed Excelsior Professorship: $500,000

Named Endowed Visiting Professorship

Working at UAlbany for a period of time, a visiting professor is typically renowned and respected in their field. Visiting professors bring new perspectives, collaborate with researchers and other professors, or may temporarily fill a vacancy in a department. Appointments can be from a couple of semesters or over several years. A named endowment would provide tools and support for a successful temporary appointment. Full, Assistant or Associate professors would be most likely candidates.

Minimum Gift for a Named Endowed Visiting Professorship: $250,000

Named Endowed Faculty Fellowship

A faculty fellowship may be awarded to tenured and non-tenured track faculty to improve their teaching, to advance scholarly and creative work, to enhance academic programs and realize institutional goals. A faculty fellow may serve as a mentor, leader and liaison to promote continuous improvement of students’ learning experiences. Full, Assistant or Associate professors may be candidates.

Minimum Gift for a Named Endowed Faculty Fellowship: $250,000

For more information regarding endowed professorships at UAlbany, please contact the Division of Advancement at 518-956-8060.