Congratulations to the 2021 GP Student Award winners!

Congratulations to Geography and Planning students Jesse McCaughey, Ben Turin, Jonathan Kappel and Falon Treis for winning these outstanding 2021 awards:

American Planning Association (APA) Outstanding Planning Student Award:  Jesse McCaughey

The MRP Program faculty at the University at Albany recommended Mr. Jesse McCaughey for this prestigious award. Candidates must meet the award criteria of academic achievement, leadership, commitment to planning as a career, and community service.

Paul D. Marr Memorial Award for Excellence in Planning:  Ben Turin

The Paul Marr Award for Excellence in Planning Scholarship and Practice award is presented to a student who best represents and honors the memory of Paul Marr, a Geography professor at the University of Albany.

Candidates must be a top performing MRP student and must also be actively involved in community engagement in planning. Professor Marr was the founder of our current MRP Program and he very much valued community engagement and professional planning success. 

David Mark Prize in Geography: Graduate award:  Jonathan Kappel

David Mark received his BA (summa cum laude), his certificate in GIS and Spatial Analysis, and his MA in Geography from the University at Albany.  David was a bright, enthusiastic, and talented student who was always eager to learn more about GIS and cultural geography. Tragically, David passed away in March 2011, less than 3 months after receiving his Master’s degree.

To honor David’s passion for his studies, the Department of Geography and Planning awards the David Mark Prize each year to a student who shares David’s strong work ethic and breadth of attainment in the discipline of Geography. Special consideration is given to a student demonstrating strong commitments to community service or who has helped a colleague overcome any learning, physical or emotional challenges that have interfered with his or her achieving a personal goal.

MSGIS student’s NISS Award: Falon Treis
The National Institute of Statistical Sciences sponsors this award. Statistically Accurate Interactive Display (SAID) in Graphics challenged entrants (individuals and interdisciplinary teams) to bring data to life for a wide public audience, using interactivity and clever graphics to attract attention while expanding insights from data about education.