The Center for Functional Genomics (CFG) maintains a comprehensive state-of-the-art research facility to support a wide range of services that are offered on a fee-per service basis to commercial and academic organizations.

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Next Gen Sequencing

The NGS core offers sequencing on Illumina NextSeq 2000 and the Oxford Nanopore MinION platforms. Our services include RNAseq, ChIP-seq, ChIRP-seq, ATAC-seq, metagenomics and smallRNA-seq. We also offer custom services for new methods related to epitranscriptomics and RNA modification such as RNA methylation (5mC, 5hmC, m6A) and acetylation (ac4C)

Single cell sequencing of nucleic acids isolated by flow sorting, icell8 and 10xGenomics platforms is also available.

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Custom services for gene expression analysis using the Affymetrix GeneChip technology are currently offered at our microarray facility. Instrumentation for Agilent arrays and two-color experiments using custom made cDNA-based arrays is also available.

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Genomic Validation Service

We offer custom quantitative PCR services for validation of gene targets. Cell line authentication using STR profiling is also available as part of our rigor & reproducibility initiative. The core also offers standard low throughput Sanger Sequencing and bi-sulfite sequencing using the ABI 3730XL instrument.