General Education Course Lookup

Use this Gened lookup to see all existing Gened-approved courses by Gened category.

Use the the Schedule of Classes to see which Gened courses are being offered in a given semester.

  1. Will the lookup list each course and the different categories it satisfies?
      No. The lookup reports on each category of General Education separately. It will not automatically report that a course may satisfy two categories of General Education simultaneously.
  2. Is there any way to see if a specific course satisfies more than one General Education category?
      Yes, insert the Course Subject and Catalog Number and lookup "All Gened types." It will list all the categories that apply to the course.
  3. Will courses that satisfy more than one category be counted for each category on a student's DARS audit?
      Yes, with one exception: you must take a distinct course in the Humanities and the Arts. Courses that count for both of those categories may only be used to satisfy one of the requirements. Otherwise, courses that satisfy more than one category will ‘double count’ on a student's DARS General Education progress; but they will contribute as only one course to the requirement of 30 credits overall in General Education coursework.
  4. ERDG has now been changed to ELTL in this Gened lookup.

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