Meet Our Team

Meet Our Director

Sanjay Goel in lab
Sanjay Goel in cyber innovation laboratory in Massry Center for Business.

Sanjay Goel is a Professor and Chair of the Digital Forensics and Information Security Department of the Massry School of Business, Director of the Center for Forensics Analytics Complexity Energy Transportation and Security. He is also the Director of the Digital Forensics Program at the University. Dr. Goel received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from RPI.

His research interests include information security, cyber warfare, music piracy, complex systems, security behavior, and cyber-physical systems. His research on self-organizing systems includes traffic light coordination, smart grid and social networks.

Goel is actively engaged in policy efforts on cybersecurity norms, CBMs, and cyber treaties. He won the promising Inventor’s Award in 2005 from the SUNY Research Foundation.

In 2006, Goel was awarded the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, the UAlbany Excellence in Teaching Award, and the Graduate Student Organization Award for Faculty Mentoring. In 2010 he was awarded the UAlbany Excellence in Research Award. In 2015, he was also awarded the SUNY Chancellors’ Excellence in Academic Service, UAlbany Presidents’ Excellence in University Service, and Massry School of Business Excellence in Research Award. He was named one of the three AT&T Industrial Ecology Faculty Fellows for 2009-2010.

Goel has received grant funding totaling over 10 million dollars from multiple sources including the National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Commerce, National Science Foundation, Intelligence Advanced Research Project Activity, Region II University Transportation Research Center, New York State Energy Research and Development Agency, Blackstone Foundation, AT&T Foundation and James S. McDonnell Foundation and Blackstone Foundation.

Goel has over 100 articles in refereed journals and conference publications including top journals. He is a recognized international expert in information security, cyber warfare, and smart grid and has given plenary talks in events across several countries. In addition, he has been invited to present at 50 conferences including over 15 keynotes and plenary talks. He established the Annual Symposium on Information Assurance and the International Conference on Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime.

For more information on our FACETS Director, please visit Sanjay Goel's curriculum vitae.

Information Security & Digital Forensics Faculty
Fabio R. Auffant II
Lecturer, Information Security and Digital Forensics (ISDF)
Devipsita Bhattacharya
Assistant Professor, Information Security and Digital Forensics (ISDF)
Yuksel Celik
Adjunct Lecturer, Information Security and Digital Forensics (ISDF)
Sanjay Goel
Morris Massry Endowed Professor and Chair, Information Security and Digital Forensics (ISDF)
Jungwon Kuem
Associate Professor, Information Security and Digital Forensics (ISDF)
Prinkle Sharma
Assistant Professor, Information Security and Digital Forensics (ISDF)
Lee Spitzley
Assistant Professor, Information Security and Digital Forensics (ISDF)
Kevin Williams
Interim Dean, Massry School of Business, Professor and Collins Fellow

Advisory Committee

Matthew Mccloskey
Graduated with cybersecurity masters. Work directly under the CISO and had worked under CISO NYS in the past.

Michael Hetz
GE Gas/Power Chief Information Security Officer

Bernie Hillengas
Corsillio, eDIscovery. Information governance and interplay with cybersecurity. Make corporate clients aware of issues and engage with proper people who can engage internally.

Aileen J
Retired National Security Administration. Dealing with telemetry and other systems. Had spent career in cyber and threat operations. NSA threat operations center. Was NSA senior liaison for Cyber Operations designation.

Jim Bole
Chief Information Security Office trying to build next gen information security program. Moving towards EDR and network IDS.

Matt Anglin
Chief Security Officer of NYISO. Been there 10 yrs. Cyber and physical security. Infrastructure and ops. Operate electric system for NYS. Plan for 10 year horizon for resources for electric system – renewables, storage, wind and solar in an economic and reliable way.

Deb Snyder
Instructor with UAlbany for 8 years. Also senior fellow for Center for Digital Government, CEO Iron Forge Associates. 35 yrs public sector experience. CISO 2001 and worked for about a decade and then Deputy and CISO for NYS.

Damira Pon
Academic Coordinator / Director of Student Services Digital Forensics Program. Board of HV ISACA Chapter and organizing.

Michael Saccone 2016/2017
Great experience with Deb. Senior manager with PwC - focused on leading cyber threat modeling for practice.

George Hickman
24 year health sector CIO spending on academic health sciences centers. EY partner and spent 4 years at PwC.

Kevin Reedy
Saratoga Hospital, Albany Med, CDPHP, and then back to Albany Med. 2007 Masters UAlbany and teach masters level courses for an online university. 

Zina Lawrence
Assistant Dean of Massry School of Business. Worked with development of cybersecurity graduate program.

Student Researchers

Dominick Foti

Dominick Foti

Foti is a current MBA and Masters in Cybersecurity student at The University at Albany. Before beginning his graduate degrees, Dominick was a Cybersecurity Analyst at a major media organization, where he began as a risk analyst, developing and maintaining cybersecurity policies, a continuous training and awareness program, and a risk management process. He then assisted in building the Cybersecurity Engineering and Operations Department. In this role, Dominick was responsible for analyzing cybersecurity toolset categories and how they fit into the Cybersecurity Program by collecting business requirements, conducting market analysis for top-rated vendors, and working with vendor representatives to gain a deep understanding of their toolset functionality and ability.  Before this role, Dominick was a Cybersecurity Consultant at PwC assisting Fortune 500 companies with their cybersecurity strategies by combining a risk-based approach with expertise in Cybersecurity Frameworks. As an undergraduate student, Dominick found his passion for Cybersecurity research during a national internship with the Department of Homeland Security as a Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Analyst, where he researched emerging threats to state, local, tribal and territorial governments. His current research projects investigate how Cybersecurity Active Defense can be implemented in organizations utilizing emerging Frameworks such as MITRE Shield. Dominick looks to continue his education with his Ph.D. in Information Assurance and become a Security Researcher. Dominick holds a B.S in Accounting and a B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration in Information System Management from the University at Albany.

Jingyi Huang

Huang is a Ph.D. candidate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at University at Albany, SUNY. Her research interests center around worker stress and coping, worker emotions, motivation and performance, and worker personality and its implication for worker well-being and behavior. Her recent research work also involves exploring human’s roles in information security related issues such as factors that motivate people to comply with organizational information security policies, people’s understanding about decision-making about privacy-related issues, and people’s attitude and reactions toward e-health technology under the coronavirus pandemic. Jingyi received her master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at University at Albany, SUNY and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Zhejiang University, China. She has published in journals such as Journal of Business and Psychology, Personality and Individual Differences, BMC Psychiatry, and Psychiatry Research. Her work has also been presented in conferences such as the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology annual conference, Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Workshop on Information Security and Privacy (WISP).

Gage Matyasovszky

Gage Matyasovszky

Matyasovszky is a second-year Masters's student in the Industrial Organizational Psychology program at the University at Albany. Before attending his graduate school program at Albany, he spent time researching visual-spatial attention and cognitive psychology and was a leader-mentor for his campus Leadership Development program at his undergraduate university. During his time as an M.A. student, he has conducted research on cynical attitudes and how they impact follower perceptions of leader mistakes and other leadership related research. His interests include looking at the role of technology in employee selection practices, employee training, and leadership. He currently works as an intern for a small consulting company, conducting survey design and creating graphics to interpret survey results. His role in the lab is to provide a background in human work behavior, statistical analysis, and human research methodology.

Sherin Shaju

Sherin Shaju

Shaju is a 4th-year Industrial-Organizational Psychology Ph.D. student at the University at Albany, SUNY. Her research areas of interest include (1) performance appraisal, (2) organizational justice, and (3) diversity within the workplace. Her current research focuses on the performance appraisal process and group decision making. More specifically, she is investigating calibrated ratings or group ratings, and their potential to render biased evaluations. Her goal in conducting this research is to provide organizations with best practice recommendations when using calibrated ratings.

Wei Zhuang

Wei Zhuang

Zhuang is currently a research assistant in Dr. Sanjay Goel’s lab and a Ph.D. student in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program. She spent several years working with organizations on employee assistance programs and then obtained her M.S. in Industrial Organizational Psychology from University at Albany. She is interested in understanding the role of organizational justice as it relates to employees’ emotions and behaviors in the workplace. She is currently working on the Theory of Strained Betrayal project which aims to reveal the evolution process of malicious employees and develop effective interventions to reduce strains on employees in organizations and improve the quality of work.