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Educational Opportunities Program

The Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) seeks to provide admission opportunities for economically and educationally disadvantaged students who are residents of New York State and wish to enroll in one of the many undergraduate departments at the University at Albany.

The Educational Opportunities Program at the University at Albany serves all of its academic units. The program is jointly sponsored by New York State, the Office of Special Programs, and the University at Albany. One objective of the EOP is to see that each student admitted is provided with all the services and assistance necessary for success in whatever degree program he or she is to complete. The ultimate goal of the program is to make higher education possible for students who lack the normal credentials for college admissions, but who have the potential and motivation for academic success. More than 4,500 bachelor’s degrees have been awarded by the University at Albany to students admitted through the EOP. Over 15 percent of these degree recipients graduated with honors.

While students and families are expected to assist themselves financially as much as possible, the university realizes that most students admitted to the EOP require almost full support through available grants, scholarships, jobs and loans. The program provides supportive services designed to help students who need assistance in academic, financial, social and personal matters.