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UAlbany Diversity Transformation Awards

The Diversity Transformation Awards aim to promote greater equity for historically underrepresented and underserved groups within the University, as well as groups that have been historical targets of discrimination.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, the Diversity Transformation Awards will provide microgrants to help support proposals for new or ongoing projects.  The funding for these microgrants must be spent by June 30, 2022.

Application Timeline
Call for Applications April 6, 2022
Applications Due May 4, 2022
Awards Granted by May 13, 2022
Last Day of Funding June 30, 2022


This grant helps fund innovative pilot programs and existing initiatives that support a campus climate of equity and advance the University’s mission of fostering diverse and inclusive excellence. Programs should also involve collaboration within or across departments, units, student organizations, and/or schools.

Past programs have included film screenings, art exhibits, critical conversations, new courses, symposia, and special training.

Applicants can be granted up to $2,000 in a one-time state funding allocation.

However, all programs are expected to also include funding from the unit organizing the effort. Programs initially funded by this grant that prove to be successful should, in time, become part of the unit's regular operating budget or be funded by external sources.

Previous recipients are also eligible to apply by demonstrating how the new proposal builds upon and advances the work of the Diversity Transformation Award.


The following types of programs are eligible for funding:

  • Campus or Unit Climate

  • Curriculum

  • Faculty and Staff Recruitment

  • Faculty and Staff Retention

  • Leadership Development

  • Student Recruitment

  • Student Retention and Graduation

  • Organizational Change

Funding cannot be used on the following items:

  • Conference registration or other costs where travel is required for faculty and/or staff

  • Computer hardware, art or library collections

  • Wages for 12-month full-time faculty, staff or graduate assistants

  • Scholarships

  • Instructor salaries for UAlbany courses for which tuition is charged

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will consider funding a student’s participation in a conference only if the student will make a presentation at the conference and the support is equally shared with the academic department.

Funding for a faculty or staff member to attend a conference must also be shared with the unit and can only be included in the proposal budget if the employee’s attendance is to facilitate the student’s conference presentation.

How to Apply

Campus community members who want to apply for a Diversity Transformation Award must submit:

Applicants who are looking for guidance can consult these optional resources:

Funding proposals should clearly explain how the program would:

  • intersect with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s mission;

  • align with the University’s and/or unit’s strategic plan for diversity and inclusion;

  • define program outcomes (for example: “we will enroll 20 participants”);

  • define learning outcomes (for example: “participants will learn how to define implicit bias and how to identify three campus resources for diversity and inclusion”);

  • support the achievement of those program outcomes and learning outcomes;

  • be appropriately evaluated and assessed, including how the success of its program outcomes and how the success of its learning outcomes would be measured; and

  • be fully funded to comply with all guidelines and goals listed above.

Programs that are selected to receive a Diversity Transformation Award will be asked to assess and evaluate the program’s success upon conclusion:

Applicants should contact [email protected] with any questions.



To address requests from students, faculty and staff alike for increased training on diversity and inclusion, we’ve expanded offerings with several new programs. Our efforts include: 

  • a retooled orientation program for all first-year students that explores intersectionality, allyship and systemic racism 

  • new workforce diversity training requirements for faculty and staff  

  • implicit bias training designed for all employees 

The University Police Department has been an integral partner in this work, as officers continue to build capacity in several key areas including cultural competency trainings to work effectively with international students, Muslim students, and the LGTBQ+ community. 

To request additional training, please email [email protected].