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Nurse giving another nurse a shot

Nurse Training on Immunization Project

Nurse TIP
Nurse TIP recognizes that nurses play an integral role in the success of immunization programs. Nurses are often the first point of contact at any health care visit and can have considerable influence on the public health practices of a community.

Goals: Increasing the knowledge and competency of nurses in immunization by offering relevant content in a variety of distance-learning approaches.
Engaging nurses in program planning, dialogues with other nurses, and exploring strategies to promote immunization.

Target Audience: Nurses working in medical offices, clinics, community health centers as well as other settings.

You can watch past webcasts on Immunization right now on your computer.

CASE Method Role Play
Staff Immunization
Travel Immunizations: Shots or Not?
Addressing Parents' Concerns about Vaccines
Making the CASE for Vaccines: A New Model For Communicating with Parents
Immunization of Newborn Close Contacts

Other Educational Opportunities

Centers for Disease Control - enter your topic in "search"

American Nurses Association - click "nurse education"

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Nursing Initiative Promoting Immunization Training:
A six module course offered free of charge on a variety of immunization topics.

History of Vaccines

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“Immunization Training for Nurses" DVD Volume 1
A collection of 3 favorite NurseTIP webcasts:
Protecting Your Vaccine: Protecting Your Patient
Making the CASE for Vaccine Safety: A New Method of Communicating with Parents
Immunization of Newborn Close Contacts

“Immunization Training for Nurses” DVD Volume 2
Addressing Parents’ Concerns about Vaccines
Teens, Tweens, Parents and Vaccines*
Vaccinology 101 (Modified from the original webcast with simpler slides)
Making the Case for Vaccine Safety includes new material: Role Play scenarios
Setting up an Influenza Immunization Program for Health Care Workers
*This subject matter has been reviewed by the NYSDOH and deemed to have out of date content. We ask that you do not use the content in this section.

Seth Mnookin, author of The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science and Fear speaks at the University at Albany, School of Public Health - Watch the video!

Measles Control 2011 - NYSDOH webinar

CDC: Ten great public health achievements US 2001-2010

Promoting Administration of DTaP and Tdap Vaccines

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