Individual and Couples Counseling

Individual Counseling

Counseling and Psychological Services provides brief focused individual treatment for a variety of concerns that often impact various areas of student functioning such as personal, academic, interpersonal or work functioning.  During the initial appointment, clinicians and students will meet and discuss the student’s needs, the nature and focus of sessions, frequency of meetings, and plans.  CAPS’ primary goal is to work collaboratively with students to address immediate problems by providing short-term therapy and, as needed, by assisting students to connect with additional resources on and off campus.

Couples Counseling

Many students are balancing school with other committments, like relationships. If your main concern is relationship difficulties with your significant other, couples counseling may be right for you. As long as one person in the couple is a UAlbany student, Counseling and Psychological Services offers counseling to help with communication and relationship skills.

How to Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please call us at 518-442-5800, or schedule your first appointment online.

Concerns that we can typically assist you with at CAPS include:

  • Mild to moderate anxiety or depression Social anxiety, loneliness or difficulty connecting socially
  • Relationship concerns such as conflict with a roommate, romantic partner, or friend
  • Adjusting to being at college or experiencing a new culture
  • Exploration and support around identity concerns such as sexual orientation, race or gender identity
  • Support for students who experience any form of oppression/discrimination
  • Low self-esteem or self confidence
  • Academic stress or learning concerns
  • Lifestyle habits involving sleep, eating or alcohol/drug use
  • Concerns related to your family
  • Grief or loss
  • Initial stabilization and support related to an upsetting or traumatic life event or experience

Sometimes a student’s needs or wants may exceed what CAPS can provide. In such instances, our Behavioral Health Case Manager can assist you in identifying community-based care.

Conditions or situations which are most often beyond our Scope of Care include:

  • Severe mood or anxiety disorder
  • A psychotic disorder
  • Chronic suicidal risk/behavior and/or a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations
  • Eating disorder
  • Moderate to severe alcohol or drug problem
  • Moderate to severe PTSD or an interest/need for intensive or specialized post trauma treatment
  • Other concerns that require a highly structured, intensive or specialized treatment program (eg/ severe OCD or moderate to severe personality disorder)

Other instances in which we may initiate a referral to community-based care include:

  • Students who want or need long term individual therapy or ongoing weekly therapy
  • Students whose assessment/testing needs fall outside our Scope of Care – see the Assessment/Testing section for more detailed information
  • Students who repeatedly do not keep their scheduled appointments (ie., an excessive number of canceled/rescheduled appointments or 3 “no shows” in a given academic year)
  • Students who are unable or unwilling to provide enough information for CAPS staff to adequately assess their needs