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Outreach & Mental Health Promotion

CAPS Outreach and Mental Health Promotion services aim to support the campus community as a whole by extending our care and expertise beyond our clinical and consultation services. We seek to provide deliberate, systematic, and creative psycho-educational programming with a multicultural and developmental perspective on prevention, well-being, and student self-help. Our outreach services allow us to stay connected to the larger campus community and to take part in promoting and nurturing a community of caring at UAlbany.

Wellness Workshops (NEW for Spring 2022)

CAPS is offering the following rotation of virtual workshops throughout the semester. Learn helpful skills, engage in personal reflection, connect with peers, and plan next steps for yourself. Workshops are FREE and you are welcome to attend multiple workshops.

Please note that these are skill-building workshops and are not considered therapy spaces. Due to the open and online nature of these support spaces, workshops are not private or confidential.  Participants are encouraged to be respectful and mindful of each other and to practice discretion.

Advanced registration is encouraged, but not required. The workshops will close to new participants 15 minutes after the start of the workshop.  To register, please click on the time(s) that work for you below and fill out the registration form.  You will then get a confirmation email with the Zoom link for the workshop.  If you want to attend multiple workshops (please do!), you will need to register for each one separately.

Click each title for more info or find the descriptions below in our Program Guide.

Stress Less

Better Sleep, Better Lives

Overcoming Procrastination Now (not later!)

How to Outsmart Your Smart Phone

Program Guide - Requesting a Program

Here is a list of ready presentations that CAPS can provide for your organization, class, or department. We will also be offering several of these as a series of 1-hour virtual workshops throughout the semester.

To request a program, please fill out the Program Request Form.

Please note that we typically ask for at least 4 weeks' notice to accommodate requests, especially at the busiest times of the semester.

CAPS Overview

An overview of CAPS services, who we are, why students seek out our services, and how students can set up an appointment and determine which services would serve their needs. (15 minutes)

Stress Less

Feeling overwhelmed? We’ve all been there…this workshop will help you better understand stress and its effects on your health. Each program will also allow time for personal reflection and experiential practice of a technique or strategy that can help you better manage your stress. (1 hour)

Better Sleep, Better Lives

Tossing and turning at night? Can’t seem to turn your brain off to fall asleep? Good sleep is essential for your mental and physical well-being. This workshop focuses on helping you identify roadblocks and improve your sleep habits. (1 hour)

Overcoming Procrastination Now (not later!)

If you find yourself doing anything else to avoid getting things done, this workshop can help you better understand why you procrastinate and what time management strategies you can employ to get out of the avoidance loop. (1 hour)

How to Outsmart Your Smart Phone

Do you sometimes feel like you can’t put your phone down? Do you feel like you’d rather spend your time doing something else, but can’t help it? This workshop can help you better understand how phone use can affect your mental health and identify strategies to limit or cut down your phone use. (1 hour)

Other Topics

In addition to the topics above, CAPS can also collaborate with you on other specific topics and program ideas. We will do our best to fullfill each request, but please note that, depending on demand, availability of staff, and lead time given, we may not always be able to.

  • Body Image
  • Diversity and Social Justice
  • Mindfulness
  • Relationships and Communication
  • Suicide Prevention

Mindful Mondays

Mindful Mondays icon with watercolor mark in varying shades of green and yellowSet an intentional tone for the rest of your week.

Mondays during the semester, 4:00pm-4:30pm

Open to all students, faculty, and staff!  Take a mindful moment to relieve stress, connect with yourself, and refocus your mind during this virtual, drop-in program. Join us for guided mindfulness meditations and activities. No experience necessary.
Click on this Zoom link to join

Save-A-Life: Suicide Prevention

Save A Life Suicide Prevention logo with Damien Great Dane head and live preserverAsk a question. Make a connection. Save a life.

CAPS offers a comprehensive 1.5 hour suicide prevention training program for students, faculty, and staff.

CAPS and the Center for Behavioral Health Promotion and Applied Research (CBHPAR) also offer an online Save-A-Life course.The total training is comprised of 4 modules and takes about 45 minutes to complete at your own pace.
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Self-Help Collection

Abstract outline of a person hugging themselves and the arms forma heartDanes Taking Care

Our collection of self-help mental health resources that we have gathered are provided to help you incorporate well-being into your lives and cope with challenges and uncertainties.

Browse resources on managing stress, building resilience, dealing with depression and anxiety, and more.
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