Participating in a group can be a great way to:

  • learn about yourself
  • connect with others
  • increase your skillfulness and coping
  • gain new perspectives on life challenges
  • give and receive support

Welcome to the CAPS Groups page!

Check out the CAPS Groups below to see if there's a group that sounds useful for you.  For more information about a particular group click on the CAPS staff member's name listed with that group to send them an email or simply call 518 442-5800 to learn more about how to join.  

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Fall 2018 GROUPS

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Understanding Self and Others Group

Broad in focus, this therapy group deals with topics such as self-esteem, friendships and relationships, family issues, social anxiety, depression, coping, and lifestyle choices.

Fridays 2:15 - 3:35PM | Located at CAPS

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Facilitator: Dr. Julie Heslin Pokat and Dr. Angela Banks

Six people standing next to each other, each a different color of the rainbow. Text says "LGBTQ Empowerment and Support".

LGBTQ Empowerment and Support Group

Safe space to discuss issues facing LGBTQ community such as health & wellness; relationships; coping with stress; sexuality; and identity.

Tuesdays 5:30 - 7:30pm | Located on Campus

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Facilitators: Dr. Robert Cardom and Dr. Tania Khan

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Emotion Regulation

Learn the role of emotions & practice new skills to manage strong reactions & to navigate challenges.

Thursdays 3 - 4:30pm | Located at CAPS

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Facilitator: Dr. Jill DelTosta

Alcoholics Anonymous Logo. A triangle with AA written in the middle.  The words Unity, Service, and Recovery are each written on a side of the triangle.

Alcohol & Other Drug Recovery

Campus-based group using the 12 Step Model.

Tuesdays 7PM | Located on Main Campus

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Contact: Dr. Brian Freidenberg

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Tobacco Cessation

Learn the necessary tools to successfully quit tobacco.
Open to ALL students. This is a 3 session group.

Tuesdays 3-4pm | Located at CAPS

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Facilitator:Dr. Brian Freidenberg