Participating in a group can be a great way to:

  • learn about yourself
  • connect with others
  • increase your skillfulness and coping
  • gain new perspectives on life challenges
  • give and receive support

Welcome to the CAPS Groups page!

Check out the CAPS Groups below to see if there's a group that sounds useful for you.  For more information about a particular group click on the CAPS staff member's name listed with that group to send them an email or simply call 518 442-5800 to learn more about how to join.  

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Fall 2018 GROUPS

Many hands joined together.

Understanding Self and Others Group

Broad in focus, this therapy group deals with topics such as self-esteem, friendships and relationships, family issues, social anxiety, depression, coping, and lifestyle choices.

Fridays 2:15 - 3:35PM | Located at CAPS

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Facilitator: Dr. Julie Heslin Pokat and Dr. Angela Banks

Six people standing next to each other, each a different color of the rainbow. Text says "LGBTQ Empowerment and Support".

LGBTQ Empowerment and Support Group

Safe space to discuss issues facing LGBTQ community such as health & wellness; relationships; coping with stress; sexuality; and identity.

Time and Location TBD

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Facilitators: Dr. Sarah Nolan and Dr. Tania Khan

Close-up picture of a wave with a sunset in the background.

Emotion Regulation

Learn the role of emotions & practice new skills to manage strong reactions & to navigate challenges.

Time TBD | Located at CAPS

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Facilitator: Dr. Jill DelTosta

Alcoholics Anonymous Logo. A triangle with AA written in the middle.  The words Unity, Service, and Recovery are each written on a side of the triangle.

Alcohol & Other Drug Recovery

Campus-based group using the 12 Step Model.

Tuesdays 7PM | Located on Main Campus

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Contact: Dr. Brian Freidenberg

First Generation Logo: F1rst Gen written above the silhouette of students throwing graduation caps in the air.

First Generation Empowerment & Support

A group for those who are among the first in their families to attend college. Addresses topics unique to first generation students, such as adjusting to college life and managing personal and academic stressors.

Time and Location TBD

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Facilitator: Dr. Vivian Wilson-Hwang

Grief Group Logo. Picture of a small candle being held in the hands of two people.

Grief Group

For students who have lost a family member (parent, sibling, grandparent, guardian) due to death in recent months/years. Share and connect with others who understand.

Time TBD | Located at CAPS

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Facilitator: Dr. Julie Heslin Pokat and Dr. Vivian Wilson-Hwang