For an Emotional Crisis, Call 911

Or to reach the University Police directly from a cell or non-campus telephone, dial 518-442-3131.

Afterwards, if you would like to discuss the emergency further, please call Counseling and Psychological Services at 518-442-5800.

What is an Emotional Crisis?

An emotional crisis is when a person's healthy coping mechanisms are no longer working. It is a highly unpleasant emotional state that can be subjective and personal. Its severity can range from mild to life-threatening. But regardless of its nature, a crisis should always be taken seriously and responded to as swiftly as possible. When a person is in a state of emotional crisis, you might see or hear the following:

  • Extreme agitation or panic
  • References to or threats of suicide, or other types of self-harm
  • Threats of assault, both verbal and physical
  • Highly disruptive behavior: physical or verbal hostility; violence; destruction of property
  • Inability to communicate (e.g. slurred or garbled speech; disjointed thoughts)
  • Disorientation; confusion; loss of contact with conventional reality