Sara Cunninghame Picture

Sara Cunningham, MSEd

Doctoral Psychology Intern



Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling, Fordham University   
Doctoral Candidate in Counseling Psychology, Fordham University

Professional Interests

Sara has experience working with diverse individuals across the lifespan. She particularly enjoys working with young adults and university students. Her research focuses on narrative identity development, which entails understanding one’s identity as an evolving life story. One of Sara’s research areas is identity exploration for university students with learning differences/disabilities. Sara values opportunities to give voice to underrepresented populations through qualitative inquiry. Sara is also interested the healing potential of meaning-making for individuals who experienced a significant loss or trauma. She has worked with cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers, as well as with bereaved individuals and is passionate about supporting individuals who are caring for or grieving the loss of a loved one. 

Approach to Therapy   

Sara aims to promote understanding, healing, and change through an individualized and collaborative approach to therapy. She integrates humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and other theories to address clients’ unique concerns. Sara views therapy as a co-created process and considers clients to be the experts on their lives and experiences. She strives to embody curiosity, openness, empathy, and awareness in her therapeutic stance. Grounded in developmental, systems, and multicultural frameworks, Sara seeks to understand the wholeness of the individual within the context of their relationships, life experiences, and socio-cultural environments. She identifies individuals’ strengths while working to address and reduce barriers to immediate and long-lasting healing and change.  

Approach to Wellness 

Sara loves engaging her creative side. Cooking, singing, and drawing are some Sara’s favorite ways to express herself. Sara also loves to learn and indulges in podcasts, books, or deep conversations with others to expand her knowledge and fuel her curiosity. She enjoys being in nature and around animals, especially dogs.