Student Impact

Citizen Laureate Scholarship Recipients


"Being one of four children in my family and one of three currently attending college, this scholarship was not only an honor to receive but also a relief financially. I have always aspired to do my best in every task I take on whether it be academic or extracurricular and to be recognized for that fills me with pride. Ever since I was little I had the dream of being a psychiatrist and UAlbany has been an integral part in giving me a platform to succeed. Knowing that people recognize my involvement in the UAlbany community is an indicator that I made the right decision with UAlbany."

Saad Ahmad, Nigro Companies Citizen Laureate Scholarship Recipient

Savva and her family

"I am honored to receive the Massry Realty 2019 Citizen Laureate Scholarship. I am a junior here at UAlbany with a major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I hope to attend medical school, once I am done with my undergraduate degree. I also have a fairly large family and thanks to this scholarship that you established, I am able to relieve my parents just a little bit. I am forever grateful!"

Savva Dobronravov, Massry Realty Citizen Laureate Scholarship Recipient

Anna Levine

"My dream is to work for a financial firm in New York City. I want to be a successful woman in finance and encourage other women to keep pushing forward. With this scholarship that you have provided, I will be able to continue an enriching education while striving for my dream."

Anna Levine, George & Christine Hearst Citizen Laureate Scholarship Recipient

Victoria Giorgio

"I am so appreciative of your generosity and can assure you that I will continue to learn and work hard every day at the university to accomplish my goals. Upon graduation I will be a first generation college graduate in my family and this is something I am especially proud of. You have inspired and motivated me to work even harder so that one day I too can give back to students in need because I understand how much it really does help them."

Victoria Giorgio, UHY Citizen Laureate Scholarship Recipient