Center for the Elimination of Minority Health Disparities

Lectures and Colloquia

Coordinator, Diabetes Prevention and Control Program New York State Strategic Plan for the Prevention and Control of Diabetes (3/21/07)
Maureen Spence, MS, RD

Distinguished Professor of Public Health, University of Arkansas
28th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. African Heritage Month Luncheon
Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Former U.S. Surgeon General

Governmental Roles in Public Health (1/24/07)
Dr. James B. Crucetti, Albany County Commissioner of Health

The Health Disparities Equation: An Ethnomedical Perspective (10/26/06)
José Calderón, M.D. (Project EXPORT, Charles R. Drew University)

Strategies for Preventing Middle School Violence (10/18/06)
Dr. James Griffin, Psychologist (Morehouse Medical School, Pediatrics)

Social Construction of Children’s Exposure to Toxic Pollutants: What Can Be Done? (1/27/06)
Lawrence M. Schell, Director, CEMHD

The Environment of Childhood Poverty (10/28/05)
Gary W. Evans, Professor of Design and Environmental Analysis and of Human Development at Cornell University

Family Ecology & Childhood Obesity (3/4/05)
Kirsten Davison, Department of Health Policy, Management, and Behavior, University at Albany

Professional Development & Training Workshops

Grantwriting & You! (7/24/07)
Sara Anderson, MPA (Albany Institute for Research and Education)
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Capital District Counseling Association Spring Program
Workshop C: Student Health Service Information for the School Counselor

Spring 2007 Research Colloquium (3/7/07)
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Culture, Language, and Health Disparities (2/21/07)
Wilma Alvarado-Little

Reproductive Healthcare For Low-Income African American Women in a Northeastern Small Town (10/30/06)
Annis Golden

Early Infant Home Visitation Data Analysis (10/12/06)
M&T Brown Bag: Enjuu Lee and Kim Dumont

HIV Antiviral Adherence in Psychology of the Black Experience Class (9/28/06)
Edwina Dorch and Hayward D. Horton

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Disparities in Diabetes in the Communities of Upstate New York
Research Core Faculty (M & T) Brown Bag Presentation: Alba & Strogatz (3/23/06)

Measures of Minority Health Disparities and their determinants: U.S. and the state of New YorkM & T) Brown Bag PresentationLahiri

AIRE Faculty (M & T) Grant Writing Workshop (4/6/06)
Sara Anderson, Jennifer Doherty, Adrienne Bonilla

Preparing Proposals (11/16/05)

Getting Started (10/20/05)

Participatory Action Research Series

Social and Physical Environmental Factors and Cardiovascular Risk: The Healthy Environments Partnership (11/15/05)
Amy Schulz, Associate Director, Center for Research on Ethnicity, Culture and Health, Research Associate Scientist, Health Behavior and Health Education, University of Michigan School of Public Health; Carmen Stokes, Instructional Assistant
Wayne State University , Detroit Michigan

Capitalize on Community (4/26/05)
Hayward Derrick Horton, Department of Sociology, University at Albany

Conducting Interdisciplinary Occupational Health Disparities Research: Some Lessons Learned (4/18/05)
Craig Slatin, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Doing PAR: Experiences, Pitfalls, and Rewards (2/18/05)
Lawrence Schell, Director of CEMHD; Janine Jurkowski, Department of Health Policy, Administration, and Behavior, University of Albany; Virginia Eubanks, Department of Women’s Studies; Nancy A. Denton, Former-CEMHD Director of Mentoring & Training Core

Other Events and Activities

Community Immersion Project (2/24/06)

Center's Inauguration (5/26/05)

Amsterdam Community Meeting (4/4/05)