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Resources A to Z

Africana Studies

Name: Leonard A. Slade
Department: Africana Studies
Office:BA 115
E-Mail Address: lsladealbany.edu
I am a Resource For:Africana Studies, poetry, publications.
Name: Marcia Sutherland
Department: Africana Studies
Office: BA 115
E-Mail Address: ms781@albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Africana Studies, Black Psychology.


Name: Lawrence Schell
Department: Anthropology
Research center: Center for the Elimination of Minority Health Disparities
Office: Arts & Sciences 103
E-Mail Address: l.schell@albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Health disparities, child development, urbanism & reproductive Health

Biological Sciences

Name: Robert Osuna
Department: Biological Sciences
Office: Life Sciences Building, Rm 2062
E-Mail Address: osuna@albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology majors

Biomedical Sciences

Name: Qishan Lin
Department: Biomedical Sciences
Office: East Campus
E-Mail Address: linq@albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Mass spectrometry, proteomics and chromatography.


Name: Zina Lawrence
Office:Business Administration 361A
E-Mail Address: zlawrence@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For:Religion & Politics / Comparative
Politics (doctoral research areas), Academic Advisement
Name: Sanjay Goel
Department: Information Technology Management -School of  Business
Office:BA 310B
E-Mail Address: goel@albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Information/Computer Security, Security Modeling, Risk Analysis, Self Organizing Systems, Computer Forensics.


Name: Jayanti Pande
Department: Chemistry
Office:Life Sciences 2093
E-Mail Address: jpande@albany.edu
I am a Resource For:Writing technical reports, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mentoring Female students, Cultural Activities
Name: Rabi Musah
Department: Chemistry
Office:Chemistry 222
E-Mail Address: musah@albany.edu
I am a Resource For:Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry

Computer Science

Name: S.S. Ravi
Department: Computer Science
Office:LI 96D
E-Mail Address: ravi@cs.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Computer Science, Programming, Algorithms, Advice on courses, Careers in Computer Science and related disciplines.

East Asian Studies

Name: Fan Pen Chen
Department: East Asian Studies
Office:University  HU 246
E-Mail Address: fanchen@albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Chinese Drama; Chinese women warriors, images of women in traditional Chinese Literature.



Name: Lawrence Schell
Department: Center for the Elimination of Minority Health Disparities
Office: Arts & Sciences 103
E-Mail Address: l.schell@albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Health disparities, child development, urbanism
Name: Mary Applegate, MD MPH
Department: Health Policy, Management &Behavior
Office: Varies, East Campus
E-Mail Address: mapplegate@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Maternal & child health; physicians interested in public health practice
Name: Margarita Mosquera
Department:Public Health
Office:East Campus
E-Mail Address: mm416682@albany.edu


Name: Sung Bok Kim
Office:Tenbroeck 205-1
E-Mail Address: sbkim@albany.edu
I am a Resource For:Early American history including the Era of The American Revolution
Name: Allen Ballard
Office:Tenbroeck 205-1
E-Mail Address: aballard@albany.edu
I am a Resource For: African-American history


Name: DeShawn McGarrity
Department:Residential Life
Office: Eastman Tower, State Quad
E-Mail Address: dmcgarrity@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For:I Residential Life, Women’s Studies/ Women’s History

Judaic Studies

Name: Yoel Hirschfeld
Department:Center  for Jewish Studies
Office:Humanities 355
E-Mail Address: yoel@albany.edu
I am a Resource For:Israel. I am fluent in Hebrew and Spanish.

Language, Literature & Culture

Name: Mariame Bagate
Department: Modern Languages Literature & Culture
Office: HUM 219
E-Mail Address: toubalo@yahoo.com
I am a Resource For:  French

Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Name: Jesus Alonso-Regalado
Department:Bibliographer for LACS & LLC
Office: LI 204
E-Mail Address: jalonso@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Searching for research sources on Latino American, Caribbean & U.S. Latino Studies and Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese studies.

Latino Faculty & Staff

Name:Karla Jaime
Department:Residential Life
E-Mail Address: KJaime@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For:Any student or professional eager to talk to a young Latino college administrator.


Name: Karin Reinhold
Department:Mathematics and Statistics
Office:Earth Science 128A
E-Mail Address: reinhold@albany.eduErgodic
I am a Resource For:Theory, Probability, Harmonic

Media and Marketing

Name:Rebecca Salinas
Department:Media & Marketing
Office:University Hall 203A
E-Mail Address: rsalinas@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Media & Marketing


Name: Betty P. Shadrick
Department:Graduate Studies
Office:UAB 121
E-Mail Address: bshadrick@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For:Strategies for succeeding in graduate school, urban education, racial identity theory, Graduate students interested in the Professoriate in STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering  and Mathematics) Fields


Name: Ariel Caticha
Office:Physics 213
E-Mail Address: ariel@albany.edu
I am a Resource For:quantum physics, general relativity, information theory, foundations of physics

Political Science

Name: Cheng Chen
Department:Political Science
Office:Milne 103B
E-Mail Address: cchen@albany.edu
I am a Resource For:Post-communist politics; nationalism; Chinese, Asians.
Name: Jose Cruz
Department:Political Science/LACS
Office: Milne 219
E-Mail Address: conga@albany.edu
I am a Resource For:  Latino political participation

Professional Development/Spanish

Name:Angelica Maria Salazar
Department:Professional Development Program
Office:University Administration 426
E-Mail Address: asalazar@pdp.albany.edu
I am a Resource For:Open to everyone as a potential resource. Fluent in Spanish.

Name: Susan D. Philips
Department: School of Education
Office: ED 212
E-Mail Address: Provost@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Education


Name: Ineke Murakami
Office:Humanities 344
E-Mail Address: imurakami@albany.edu
I am a Resource For:Non-traditional background (thus, first-generation college students, as well as students of color--especially Asian).

Financial Aid

Name:Rachael Cofresi
Department:Financial Aid
Office:Financial Aid
E-Mail Address: rrivera@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For:Financial Aid

Graduate Studies

Name: Marjorie Pryse
Department:Graduate Studies
Office:University Hall 308C
E-Mail Address: mpryse@albany.edu
I am a Resource For:helping master's students think about post-degree plans and whether or not to apply to Ph.D. programs; helping both master's and doctoral students evaluate and respond to difficult situations in their programs with respect to diversity; listening to graduate students from all backgrounds and often suggesting referrals to other offices as appropriate to help address specific academic concerns.


Name: Jacquelyn C. Mallett
Department: Sponsored Funds Financial Management
Office:Management Services Center 203
E-Mail Address: Jmallett@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Grants & contracts billing, collections and financial reporting.

Professional Development

Name: J. Philippe Abraham
Department:Career Development Center
Office:LI 69
E-Mail Address: pabraham@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Career Related Matters
Name:Andrea Navedo
Department:Human Resources
Office:University Administration 300
E-Mail Address: anavedo@uamail.albany.edu
Name:Kyle Nurse
Office:University Administration 425
E-Mail Address: knurse@pdp.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Mentoring an individual in preparation for getting and keeping a professional job.
Name:June Mastan
Department:PDP & University Commission for
Diversity & Affirmative Action4
Office:University Administration 411
E-Mail Address: jmastan@pdp.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Business and administrative matters.


Name: Angelina Díaz-Myers
Department:Counseling Center
Office:Health & Counseling Bldg., 2nd Fl.
E-Mail Address: adiaz@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Questions about psychologist career or succeeding in grad school.
Name:Matthew Miller
Department:Educational & Counseling Psychology
Office:ED 244
E-Mail Address: mmiller@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Racial/Ethnic Minority Mental Health, Cultural Adaptation,
acculturation/Enculturation, racism related stress

Research Funding

Name:Janice Bogan
Department:Office of the Vice President for Research
Office:University Hall 307C
E-Mail Address: jbogan@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For:General research information

Science, Engineering, Technology & Math (STEM)

Name:Marc Carter
Office:LI 94H
E-Mail Address: mcarter@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For:Graduates pursuing careers in STEM Fields


Name: Angie Chung
Office:Arts & Sciences 304
E-Mail Address: aychung@albany.edu
I am a Resource For:summer program at Korea University
Name: Hayward Derrick Horton
Office:Arts & Sciences 320
E-Mail Address: hdh@albany.edu
I am a Resource For: behavioral, biomedical and physical sciences.

Social Welfare

Name: Sandra Austin
Department:Social Welfare
Office:Richardson 203
E-Mail Address: saustin@albany.edu
I am a Resource For:  Welfare Policy on women and children
Name: Lani Jones
Department:Social Welfare
Office:Richardson 216
E-Mail Address: ljones@albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Evidence based practice, Psychosocial Competence, Group work and mental health in urban communities.
Name: Kathleen McLean
Department:Social Welfare
Office: Richardson 121
E-Mail Address: kmclean@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Diversity Initiatives, Support, encouragement.
Name: Bonita Sanchez
Department:Social Welfare
E-Mail Address: sanchez@albany.edu
I am a Resource For:Community collaboration, children-families services, teaching/learning strategies
Name: Reinaldo Cardona
Department:Social Welfare
Office: 188 Washington Ave
E-Mail Address: reinaldo_cardona@naswnys.org
I am a Resource For: Latino/a students

Students Activities and Multicultural Affairs

Name: D. Ekow King
Department: Office of Student Activities & Multicultural Affairs
Office: Campus Center 130
E-Mail Address: dking@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Student Activities and Multicultural Affairs

Students Financial Services & Enrollment

Name: Wayne Locust
Department: Provost Office/Enrollment Management
Office: University Hall
E-Mail Address: wlocust@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Enrollment and Student Financial Services

Student Support Services

Name:Chistopher Fernando
Department:Academic Support Services, Coordinator Student Support Services Project Excel
Office:LI 94
E-Mail Address: cfernando@uamail.albany.edu
I am a Resource For:  Educational Psychology, nontraditional and underserved populations


Name: Jackie Roberts
Office:PAC 262
E-Mail Address: jr411498@albany.edu
I am a Resource For:African American Women in Theatre, Professional, Acting Training

Women’s Studies

Name: Vivian Ng
Department: Women’s Studies
Office: LC 31
E-Mail Address: vng@albany.edu
I am a Resource For: Doing Historical research and career planning.