Event Support:

Certain events in the Campus Center may require the presence of Event Staff. Karla Jaime-Benitez, Director of Campus Center Management, will reach out to the host organization to plan needs and requirements in order to provide the necessary staff for each specific event. Event Staff is tailored to help the host with standard security, crowd control, metal detection, checking IDs, and making sure all safety measures are taken to insure a safe and successful event.

For outside the Campus Center venues, Student Involvement & Leadership may require that you hire our staff and services to insure a safe and successful event.

Campus Center Management and Student Involvement & Leadership reserve the right to cancel an event at any time if the safety requirements are jeopardized.

Event Staff Request Form

Event Staff


Event Staff are students representing the University at Albany who provide a positive peer security presence at student organized social events on campus. They work with social event hosts and University Police Officers to maintain a fun and safe environment at these events. Event Staff does not replace student organizers / event hosts in the execution of social events. Event Staff will only work events at venues that have a capacity of at least 50 or more people. Event Staff may be requested for your event at the time you book your space in EMS Room Request. Your event plan will be reviewed and a determination of the appropriate level of staffing needed for the event will be made. Pricing will vary depending on the type of event needs and staffing needs (typical pricing is $15 per staff member per hour but is subject to change).


1. Assist in staffing the entrance and exit doors

2. Ensure venue capacity is not exceeded

3. Assist University Police and Administration in emergency situations at the event

4. Generally help to maintain a safe and well organized event

5. Check to see if appropriate policies are being followed ( i.e. bags, bottles, approved food, checking of identification, etc)

Event Staff is NOT Responsible for:

1. Collecting money at entrance doors

2. Staffing the entrance alone (an event organizer should also be present)

3. Collecting money from guests

4. Setting up decorations or handing out marketing materials and the like.

Guideline Using Audio

  • If possible, visit the space in which you are presenting ahead of time before your presentation.
  • All A/V will be set up and ready to go 30 minutes before an event begins, unless a previous arrangement has been made with Campus Center Management. If you have any special questions or are unsure of how your presentation will go, it is suggested to rehearse your presentation briefly so it will be as smooth as possible.
  • The Campus Center has limited laptops to lend for presentation purposes. Additionally, most spaces have a permanent PC in the A/V rack which can be projected on the screen. If you use the PC in the A/V rack, you will use the mouse and keyboard near the rack to get everything ready, then at the podium, use a handheld slide remote control (“Clicker”) to advance through your presentation.
  • If you have a computer that you want to bring to use, please let Campus Center Management know ahead of the date of your presentation so the necessary video cables can be set up in order to support your computer.
  • Please let Campus Center Management know ahead of time if your presentation contains more than text and images (Example: Embedded audio, video)
  • Please let Campus Center Management know ahead of time if you prefer a podium microphone, handheld microphone or Lavalier microphone (collar-clip microphone) for presenting.
  • If you bring your Powerpoint file on a USB drive, it is suggested to copy the actual file to the desktop of the machine you will use. The computer’s hard drive is more dependable than the USB drive for smooth presentation performance. If you Email the Powerpoint file to yourself or another individual, ensure that the file is downloaded to the hard drive and is open in the minutes leading up to your presentation.
  • Student Tech Service can be called at (518) 442-4925, or call Campus Center Management at (518) 442-5491, if you have any problems.
  • A dedicated A/V specialist can be coordinated ahead of time to be scheduled for full event hands-on coverage at a rate of $15/hour per staff member.

Day of Your Event

  1. Always assume that the microphones are on (our tech staff typically sets up A/V 30 minutes prior to your event). When you first arrive to the podium (or pick up a microphone), the microphone is usually on and will pick up sound near it.
  2. When speaking at the podium microphone, make sure to stand between 6”-8” away from the microphone. Leaning into the microphone or putting the microphone as close to your mouth as possible will most likely result in audio feedback.
  3. When speaking at the podium microphone, please make sure to adjust the microphone to just below your mouth in order to obtain optimal voice projection.
  4. If you are using a lavaliere microphone (clip on body microphone), please make sure to clip it on the side of your clothing where you may turn your head so it will pick up your voice when you turn your head. (e.g. if you are at the podium and you need to turn to the left to reference something on the screen, then make sure the microphone is upright and clipped on the left side of your clothing).
  5. If you are using a regular microphone (either corded or wireless), please do not wrap your hand around the top of the microphone. You should be holding it near the middle/bottom of the microphone. Wrapping your hand around the top of the microphone may cause audio feedback.
  6. If you are using multiple microphones, please do not place the microphones close together, as this may cause audio feedback.
  7. Please do not point the microphones at the speakers, as it will likely result in audio feedback.
  8. If at all possible, please try to arrange to have whomever will be speaking to show up as early as possible to perform a sound check. This will only help to lower the possibility of audio feedback occurring during your event.

Tips for Event Planning

  • Allow for set up time
  • Consider Room Set up style (Auditorium, Lecture, Round Tables, number of chairs, etc).
  • Special Needs such as Lactation room, accessibly friendly, dietary constraints
  • All final event plans and logistics should be communicated 5 business days prior to an event. Changes made the day of may not be accommodated.
  • Food in any of our venue spaces will need to be coordinated through UAlbany Dining, the University at Albany's food service provider, has an exclusive right to cater and sell food on the campuses of the University at Albany.
  • Contact information:
    Phone (518) 442-5986
    [email protected]
    Catering and Food Sales website
  • Parking arrangements will need to be done via Parking Management at:
    Phone (518)442-3121
    [email protected]
  • Signage is the responsibility of each group to create and print. If you would like outdoor signage this will need to be coordinated through sign shop contact customer service center at 518-442-3480