EY Expands Their UAlbany Legacy

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Generosity of Spirit and Support

Big Four accounting firm EY requested that up to $25,000 from an existing gift be used to provide a dollar for dollar match for new donations to the UAlbany Student Emergency Fund.

EY is one of the top employers of School of Business students and a steadfast contributor to student success. The firm has a robust record of generosity to the University and the School. More than ten years ago, the firm created and funded a communication class for undergraduate students of accounting. Other projects have included the EY Trajectory program which provides experience in information technology risk consulting, the EY LEAD program which supports underrepresented students and the EY Living Learning Community: World of Business program offering a positive start to freshmen.

Hillary Hansen ’93
EY Partner Hillary Hansen

EY alumni host direct admit receptions at their corporate offices and the firm regularly sponsors the junior accounting orientation. This spring they began funding a virtual mock interview system, Big Interview, for the entire university. Now, they have stepped up to address emergency needs of UAlbany students through the Student Emergency Fund.

“Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our students, like the rest of the world, have been under incredible stress," said Assistant Dean of Students and Emergency Fund Director Sally D'Alessandro, LMSW. "The generosity of the team at EY has allowed the Student Emergency Fund to be a much-needed oasis for these students. It has allowed them to alleviate pressing financial concerns and focus on a strong finish to their academic year. We are so thankful to EY, and especially our EY UAlbany alums, for once again stepping up to ensure student success."

“We are so grateful for the enduring support EY provides our students. Whether the times are ones of triumph or our current very trying times, EY exemplifies loyalty and leadership,” said Accounting Chair Ingrid Fisher.

Evan Maltese '90
EY Partner Evan Maltese

EY personnel have provided additional support and encouragement to the School of Business. EY Manager Akiem Rose ’09, '12 filmed a message of hope for the class of 2020.  He said, “I graduated after an economic collapse that slowed my career. I wanted to tell the graduates that things will get better.”

To further support students, the firm will offer virtual internships this summer. In addition, the Ernst & Young Foundation has established the EY Intern Scholarship Fund to provide needs-based awards to their interns, including those from UAlbany.

“The length, breadth and depth of our relationship with the UAlbany School of Business is a source of pride within the firm. We are happy to step up and help Albany be impactful,” said Ellen Glazerman, executive director of the Ernst & Young Foundation.

Founding member of what is fondly referred to as the “Albany Bench,” EY Partner Evan Maltese ‘90 said, “The School of Business supported me and put me on the track to success. We at EY are working to provide students with what they need to continue their studies, obtain internship experience and survive this unprecedented crisis.”

“The UAlbany School of Business has always provided a solid education and opportunities. I am proud to be a part of an organization that recognizes the assets of the school. The Albany Bench is always happy to build on the strength of the school to create well-rounded accounting professionals,” said EY Partner Hillary Hansen ’93.