Sreya Kolay

Sreya Kolay

Assistant Professor, Marketing
Massry School of Business


Massry School of Business BB346

PhD, Economics, University of Rochester, 2006

Sreya Kolay

Faculty Expertise and Achievement

Sreya Kolay is an Assistant Professor in Marketing at the School of Business in University at Albany, SUNY. Her research interest is in analytical modeling using game theory and economic analysis to examine firms’ marketing decisions in pricing and channel management under various market contexts. She has published in premier journals such as Management Science, Marketing Science, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Industrial Economics and Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. She has a Master and PhD in Economics from University of Rochester, a Masters in Quantitative Economics from the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, and has previously worked at University of California, Irvine and the Brattle Group. 

Research Interests

 My research analyzes firms’ optimal marketing strategies relating to pricing, promotion, product design and channel management under various market conditions; examines how they are impacted by consumer characteristics, competition, and other interactions among stakeholders; and studies their implications for consumer and social welfare. The tools I use in my research are primarily analytical/mathematical models based on game theory and microeconomics. This involves constructing mathematical frameworks representing market scenarios with various decision-makers, for example, consumers, competing firms, manufacturers and retailers, and government agencies.

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Teaching Interests and Areas

  • BMKT 522: Marketing Management 
  • BMKT 680: Applications of Data in Marketing 
  • BMKT 602: Advanced Topics in Pricing and Contracting 
  • BMKT 680: Global Marketing 
  • BMKT 480: Pricing Strategies 

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