Nim Dvir

Nim Dvir

Visiting Assistant Professor, Information Systems and Business Analytics (ISBA)
Massry School of Business
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Massry School of Business BB397

PhD in Information Science, Specialization in Human-Computer Interaction, University at Albany, 2023 

Nim Divr

Faculty Expertise and Achievement

Dr. Nimrod (Nim) Dvir, an esteemed Visiting Assistant Professor at the School of Business, University at Albany, brings a wealth of expertise in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Information Systems, and UX research. Holding a PhD with a focus on HCI and an MBA in Marketing & Information Systems, his academic rigor is matched by a distinguished record of practical application in these fields.

Dr. Dvir's notable contributions to the academic community are evidenced by his groundbreaking dissertation, "Sticky Words: A Computational Linguistics Approach," which received the Distinguished Dissertation and Excellence in Research Awards. His proficiency in AI, NLP, and UX research has not only fueled his scholarly work but also enhanced user engagement in various digital platforms. This expertise is further reflected in his impressive array of publications in top-tier journals and conferences, showcasing his commitment to advancing the understanding of user interaction with technology.

Beyond academia, Dr. Dvir has successfully applied his research in professional settings, significantly improving user experience and retention in various organizations. His ability to translate complex research into actionable insights makes him a valuable asset in bridging the gap between academic knowledge and industry application.
In addition to his research accomplishments, Dr. Dvir is a dedicated educator, developing and teaching a range of courses that integrate his expertise in information technology, digital product design, and content strategy. His pedagogical approach is informed by his extensive research, ensuring that his students are at the forefront of current trends and technologies in the field.

Dr. Dvir's professional memberships and editorial service in key organizations further illustrate his active engagement and leadership in the broader academic and professional community. His work is not just a contribution to the field of HCI and Information Science; it's a testament to the impactful fusion of academic excellence and practical application.

Research Interests

User Experience and Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing, Behavioral Economics, Information Systems Education 

Research Websites

Teaching Interests and Areas

  • BITM 522 - Managing Information Technology
  • BITM 330 - Improving Business Performance with Information Technologies (Large Class 150+ Students)
  • ISBA 434 - Business Analytics Practicum / Field Study in Information Systems and Business Analytics
  • INF 108 - Programming for Problem Solving: Introduction to Python
  • INF 308 - Programming for Informatics: Advanced Python
  • INF 495 - Special Topics in Research Applied and Experiential Learning
  • INF 496 – Digital product design 
  • INF 401 - Case Studies in Digital Citizenship
  • INF 100 - Information in the 21st Century
  • INF 200 - Research Methods for Informatics
  • INF 462/562 - Current Technologies in Web Design

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