Chris J. Walcek

Chris J. Walcek

Senior Research Associate, Emeritus
Atmospheric Sciences Research Center

PhD, UCLA in Atmospheric Sciences, 1983

Chris Walcek
Research Interests

Air pollution meteorology, dispersion of pollutants, and atmospheric chemistry. Interactions between larger-scale meteorology, clouds, and chemistry of atmospheric pollutants. Acid rain, ozone formation, heterogeneous chemistry, numerical methods in air quality modeling, Mercury pollution, and impacts associated with aircraft pollution. Quantifying the influence of clouds on atmospheric chemistry, short-term meteorology, and climate using available cloud observations in conjunction with numerical models of cloud processes.

Also investigating shear and the influence of shear on the lateral dispersion of pollutants emitted from point sources in the planetary boundary layer. Recent investigations of aircraft-induced cloud seeding investigating hypothesis that aircraft downdraft-induced evaporation factors contaminate and overwhelm potential ice-nucleating effects.



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