AI Plus Institute

UAlbany's Hub for Interdisciplinary AI Research

The AI Plus Institute at the University at Albany is a leading center for cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) research, education and collaboration.

As the research arm of UAlbany’s innovative and overarching AI Plus initiative, the Institute promotes foundational and use-case AI research and matches AI specialists with other faculty and partners with problems and challenges that AI can help solve. 

Through a holistic approach, strategic partnerships and faculty expertise, the AI Plus Institute is poised to revolutionize interdisciplinary AI research and its applications.


A UAlbany staff member sits at an information table with a large AI Plus sign and speaks to gathered students, faculty and staff.

Who We Are

We are a vibrant, interdisciplinary community that leverages UAlbany’s strength in AI to pursue groundbreaking research and practical innovations to advance the public good.

Our faculty members have AI expertise across multiple disciplines, including public health, engineering, education, business, homeland security, STEM and political science.

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What We Do 

Faculty Support
A researcher gestures to a poster while discussing findings with a conference attendee.

The Institute provides comprehensive support for faculty members engaged in AI research.  

From grant assistance to facilitating cross-disciplinary collaborations, faculty are empowered to pursue ambitious research agendas and secure external funding.

Research Integration
A technician installs the prototype IBM Artificial Intelligence Unit (AIU) cluster on the University at Albany campus.

The integration of AI across academic disciplines is a core focus of the Institute.

By promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange among researchers from diverse backgrounds, we drive interdisciplinary AI research that addresses real-world challenges and opportunities. 

Strategic Vision
The AI Plus Institute’s Interim Director Eric Stern gestures while speaking at an event.

With a vision to be at the forefront of AI innovation and research, the AI Plus Institute is dedicated to driving impactful research that addresses real-world challenges and opportunities.  

Our strategic focus areas include AI ethics, AI for social good and AI-driven innovation, among others.

Get Involved

Whether you're a researcher seeking to contribute to cutting-edge AI research, a student interested in exploring the field of artificial intelligence or an industry partner looking to collaborate on AI-driven innovation, the AI Plus Institute invites you to engage with us.

Together, we are not just adapting to the future at AI; we are shaping it. Contact the Institute’s Interim Director Eric Stern at [email protected] to get started. 



AI Plus Institute Staff

Eric Stern
Eric Stern
Professor; Interim Director
Elizabeth Gray
Elizabeth Gray
Strategic Advisor
ETEC 170
Elham Pourtaher
Elham Pourtaher
Senior Program Coordinator
ETEC 170